Sunday, April 22, 2012

Richard Allen Wright

Meet "Boise Wright" whose real name is Richard Allen Wright. He is currently incarcerated at Ridgeland Correctional Institution. He is doing a ten year sentence on an armed robbery conviction.

Richard likes to post to his Facebook account from behind prison walls using his Blackberry. Too bad prison officials can't find that phone. Those things have to have data plans and a subpoena to the phone company could tell them who is paying the bill. He likes to post pictures and express his thug desires to get back on the streets and pick up where he left off.

Wright entered Ridgeland Correctional Institution in 2009. He set up his Facebook account in 2011.

For the Department of Corrections investigators: We include screen captures of the dates these items were posted to make it easy for you. We have profiled a number of convicts using cell phones behind bars and we have yet to have anyone in authority, or even an under paid secretary for that matter, acknowledge this site or the e-mails we and others have sent to notify SCDOC of these offenses. If you end up getting scalded in the media for this you can't say we didn't notify you.

He will be getting out in 2017, citizens. Won't it be great to have this thug roaming our streets again?

As we always do, let's review Wright's criminal past. His adult history begins in 2005 with charges of distribution of cocaine and distribution of cocaine near a school. Both charges were dropped by the 9th Circuit Solicitor's office.

March of 2007 brought charges of distribution of crack and distribution of crack near a school. Wright pled guilty. He was sentenced to six years on the distribution charge and two years suspended upon service of two years probation on the school charge. He was sentenced in July of 2009. It looks like this sentence was set up to run concurrently with the ten year sentence he received for armed robbery.

In August of 2007 Wright was again charged with distribution of crack cocaine, unlawful carrying of a pistol, resisting arrest, and distribution of cocaine near a school. He pled guilty on the same date in July of 2009 as the previous charges. He was sentenced to an additional six years on the distribution of crack charge, one year for the unlawful pistol charge, one year for the resisting arrest charge and the school charge was dismissed. We are now up to total of sixteen years, but these were set to run concurrently with his armed robbery sentence, as evidenced by his release date in 2017.

On 5 October, 2007 Wright was charged with Murder, attempted armed robbery, and armed robbery. The murder and attempted armed robbery charge were dismissed when he pled guilty to the armed robbery. He was given the ten year sentence he is currently serving, with the help of his Blackberry smart phone, at Ridgeland Correctional Institution.

We wonder how that decision was made. Drop the murder charge for a plea to an armed robbery charge? We weren't able to dig up anything on the media sites for Richard Allen Wright so we aren't sure of the details on that murder charge. If someone could enlighten us we would appreciate it.

We know everyone in the Lowcountry is just itching to see Richard Allen Wright back on the street.

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  1. HOLY SHIT...really, are we voting these dumb asses that keep letting these fuckers off the hook?