Sunday, April 15, 2012

'Trap' Locations

We have the best damn readers on the internet. Not to mention the most inquisitive.

An alert reader pointed out a few links to some 'traps' in various areas of the Lowcountry. They have these drug dealing locations listed on Facebook as businesses. For the folks running these locations - we hope you enjoy the increase in attention and business you will now receive as a result of being featured on Charleston Thug Life. If your location is NOT a trap, well then, shame on you for advertising it as such.

Here are a few.

"Thug Medus Trap" in Goose Creek.

"The Trap" in North Charleston. (updated location)

"Trap House" in Summerville.

"The Trap House" in Summerville.

"THE TRAP HOUSE" in Lincolnville.

"Da Trap House" in Ladson.

"E. Weezy's Trap House" in North Charleston.

"trap housee" in North Charleston.


  1. Thug Medus Trap was an inside joke created amongst friends when we were in High School and is my friends mothers house, Facebook does not allow for you to just "remove" these locations.