Friday, April 6, 2012

Well Dang!!!

In the space of a few hours the blog stats went sky high. As we were examining the web traffic we found this article at the Post and Courier.

We will give credit where credit is due and state our belief that Glenn Smith did a decent job on the article. He obviously spent some time on the blog and he was one of the media folks who wanted to meet with us. Glenn also visited the usual suspects for comment, to include Dot Scott of the NAACP.

Let us make a point. The reader can do the necessary research (as we have done) to prove we are correct. We made a statement that indicated we weren't targeting black thugs. We stand by that statement, though black thugs are the prevalent subjects on the blog. We have pointed out the white thug associates of some of those featured on the site. White thugs tend to be harder to pin down because we have found they aren't prone to putting their business on the internet, e.g. occupation listing of 'drug dealer' or posing with guns and cash. It doesn't mean they don't exist, it just means they are harder to find.

The other point we would like to make is this. We started this adventure on Carlton Pringle's Facebook Page. We examined the pages of everyone in his friends list. We then examined all of the friends listed on the friends lists of his friends, and kept investigating in that manner. All but two of the subjects profiled can be traced back to Carlton Pringle's friends list. Think of it as a family tree or an organizational chart with Pringle at the top. Interesting, isn't it?

Dot Scott is an ignorant fool who follows the tried and true methodology of most alleged black advocacy groups and tries to turn an 'aw shit' by one of their group into an 'oh shit now we have a big check' moment for the organization and the evil-doer. Read the news, you see it every other day. The unfortunate thing is people like Dot Scott and her long corrupted group only make things worse for the folks they claim to represent. It is possible they never read, or simply didn't understand the story of the boy who cried wolf. They have cried wolf so many times their impact is diluted. As a result, when someone needs an organization to assist with an actual problem and chooses the NAACP, their claims are immediately viewed with suspicion and acrimony. Why? Because the NAACP has a horrible track record of jumping on the wrong cases and horrifically inflating them with fraudulent claims and ridiculous demands.

There is no racial profiling here, Dot. There is only truth. You are just upset that we are bringing the truth to light and severely narrowing the list of possible candidates for your next 'choirboy'. Has anyone else noticed that whenever a source exposes the true extent of the crime problem in the black community Dot Scott and the NAACP claim the writer/publisher/commentator has 'set back the discussion over racial justice and equality'? Here is a novel idea, Dot. Why not just acknowledge the problem instead of trying to conceal it and then devote your considerable resources to solving it. If you did that - we wouldn't exist.

Hey Dot!! Here's a little secret for you. We are a multi-ethnic group of citizen researchers.

And our definition of the 'NAACP' acronym will be changing. We just haven't been feeling creative lately. For the next week it will be "National Organization for Agitating Colored People". Stick around, they will get better.

Let us clear something up. We have never claimed to be journalists. Some of us have taken the courses but we all chose more honorable professions. We are researchers and bloggers. That being said, Glenn could have chosen someone with more reliable credentials than a stint at CNN. Seriously? The 'Check Nothing Never' network? We feel slighted.

Why is it the news media always labels those who tell the stories they won't 'vigilantes'? They lash out with that word when the narrative being told is something they have been refusing to cover for years.

Look Bierbauer - You weren't the best 'professor', but most overlooked that just to get the diploma. Take that however you want. :)

If you weren't afraid of the truth you would recognize that strife and division were already present in the community. There is strife and division between the police and the decent citizens because of the type of slanted media coverage you participated in and advocate. We can't think of anything more strident than the cry from law abiding citizens to be protected from the types of people featured here. Someone of your political bent should be happy blogs like this exist and citizens take time to dig up and report this information. You got paid to do it and still shirked your full responsibilities. Otherwise there may come a time when true vigilantism takes root and things get very ugly.

Once again - thanks for reading and a huge thank you to all the unknown citizens who have contributed links, photos and other content. We encourage folks in other communities to take a stand and duplicate our efforts.

The Charleston Thug Life Team


  1. Quite a blog you have here. Thanks for saying what many are afraid to say.
    You've officially taken the local news media and NAACP to task. Let's hope that people like you might make a difference.

  2. I would just like accountability in the black community, like the grandmother of the young man who tried to carjack a man and got shot a few weeks ago, she said she felt something like this would happen, because of things he was doing. If everyone were held accountable by those who are supposed to be the adults in their lives, maybe these kids would think twice about doing stupid things. Dr. Martin Luther King did not fight for equality so that young black people could turn into thugs and drug dealers. The NAACP did not begin to support the criminal element, yet it seems like that has become what they do anymore. Inequality has nothing to do with letting young men who are doing stupid, illegal things free, freedom is not about the freedom to enslave with drugs, fast money and guns, but it is the freedom to work honestly and raise your family in a safe environment. The NAACP needs to address the drug-thug culture that has pervaded the African American family today. They need to address all of the senseless black on black violence and quit race baiting if any white person does anything wrong to a black person, yet they do not speak out whenever a white person/people are killed by black people, if there is protests, then it is called racists. I do think the Trayvon Martin killing was wrong, because the man who killed him went against everything that a community watch is told to do, he pursued this young man and it ended terribly, and I do think the justice system needs to address this and work for justice for this terrible tragedy. I am sick of seeing the race baiters pass the hat until the funds are done, and then all they do is stir up hatred, as Zimmermman is Hispanic, his mother is Peruvian, and I do think he went overboard, because he was overzealous in his pursuit of this young man, not due to his 'whiteness' which keeps being expounded by the race baiters.

    The NAACP wants to advance people? Try working on building families, with parents and children who live together , children being raised by parents! Try endorsing education as a means to get out, and endorsing parents be involved in their children's schooling and intervening early in education. I work in education, and see often black youth who are mistreated by their black peers for "acting white" if they are working hard and doing well in school THAT IS WRONG! Since when is doing well, being honest and getting an education so you can make a better life for your future family a 'white ' thing? It is an ANYONE WHO WANTS TO WORK THING! In this day, if a child is determined, they can succeed at something, other than being a "drug dealer" or a "baby momma", it seems many young people would rather have easy money than to have honest money, no matter if it drug money or a government check. Yes, I am generalizing, but I have worked with a charity for over 30 years and see them same people come every year, and they are not turned away because of the kids, but there seems no incentives to get to a point of no longer needing help,and contributing to that which gave to you, but just the continued 'freebie' handout. In all the years I have worked with this charity, only a couple of times have I seen someone come in and contribute because they received from it.
    I know so many in the black community who are fed up with the bad things, but are afraid to speak out, due to fear of these very thugs this blog is outing. You go around this country, you will find thugs of all colors and ethnicity, and if they post stupid things, then I pray this type of blog grows country wide and we can show these ugly things they do in the light of day.

  3. Bullshit ur targeting blacken not thugs ur a sorry fuck I see no "WHITE MEN OR" "THUGS " ON this get a life

    1. what is a "blacken", einstein? and at least add a space between the U and the R? Its in your best interest, when you write that letter to the warden complaining about your anal raping, that you come across as at least moderately literate

    2. Dymond, if you can find white boys who are posting all these same things on facebook, send it in here! I do believe they will post them.

    3. Since when are self proclaimed drug dealers who flash money and firearms NOT thugs? What would you call them? Productive citizens? Educated pharmaceutical sales reps? Handgun models?
      Help me out here, Dymond. Sure, every last one of these thugs profiled on this blog are indeed black. Why is that? I'm personally thinking that Charleston Thug Life is an equal opportunity "Outer" and would welcome thugs of all races and ethnicities. You just have to find them.

  4. And so it begins. Thanks Dymond. You obviously didn't well in school because you can't find the obvious even when it is pointed out to you. Your rage only makes our point.

  5. Dymond, did you take a break between songs to come off the stripper pole and write that?

  6. Ur a bum I see no white people on this page only black u can say what ya want but u have clearly shown the "black community " what and who you are really targeting ...
    Upload a picture of yourself then my point will really be made and I did graduate u dumb ass

  7. Ow now my comments have to be approved lmao I must have struck a nerve LOL u need to get a life and stop worrying about where these. Black males make there money and wonder why u so broke .... bam now Fb that shit @blobber I dont dance I'm an educated black female graduated from high school I'm a medical assistant I'm school at Trident for RN program so get right u bum

  8. Don't worry, Dymond. We will continue to highlight your ignorance. We just want a chance to filter your profanity. Entry standards for Trident must be pretty low if they are allowing folks with your language skills to study there. And in a program where the health and well being of others can be at risk? Doesn't give us much confidence in the future of medical care in the Lowcountry.

  9. great god, please dont let me end up on her operating table...

  10. I'm still gonna keep my money on her being an "exotic dancer",...

  11. Dymond, you unable to find yourself in the background of some of these pictures? Keep trying!! Never Give Up, Girl Friend!!

  12. Dymond, obviously you are black. Not very many of you can objectively look at yourself. You've been taught that we are holding the black man down. Actually you have cultivated a life of glorifying The Thug Life. Jumping on any story involving white on black crime, yet never pointing the finger at your own community. I'm white, I have dated a republican African american and she totally filled me in on those closed door hate the white man stuff. Here it is simply, Gold Teeth, Guns, Gang Signs, Lots of Cash, & Professing your a Drug Dealer. I mean come on. What do you need to call them Thugs. Maybe if they kick your door in and make your 12yr old son Rape you, then you'll accept it. By the way, that actually happened to a woman in Florida. She was black & they were too so it wasn't big national news. Sick and shows little value for human existence. I fell like sick dawgs like this should be put down. Do you feel like I'm hating on the black man? I hate scum because I love my community and family. Hopefully the thugs you protect don't turn on you, most bad dawgs bite!

  13. I find this thread hysterical. And I too pray that I never need medical care in Charleston. I imagine if she can't write it, she also can't read it too well, so I'm not sure she even knows what she's bitching about, except the fact that she's seeing pictures of black people all over this blog. Chas Thuglife, I commend you for your efforts in trying to keep Charleston clean. I live in Columbia, and can only hope that what you've done catches on to someone here, because Lord knows we need it.
    I am not racist. I am not prejudiced against color or ethnicity, but I am prejudiced against ignorance and entitlement. I am not entitled to anything that I did not sweat and bleed for... and neither is anyone else. I will jump at the opportunity to call anyone that acts like a piece of shit, regardless of the color of their skin, so lets not get things "twizted".
    And to Dymond, who are you to call any of us "broke bums"? I bust my ass EVERYDAY, as an underpaid, overworked State Employee to provide nearly FREE services to people like you and yours because you all think you're entitled to it. And I can guarantee that anyone here that has had anything to say to you, has been busting their asses too, so that their tax money can put food in your babys mouth. So you need to crawl back into the hole you crawled out of, and quit "flappn dem lipz".
    Happy Easter!