Friday, July 20, 2012

Devon Scott Wheeling - 0001175275 - Washington State Prison

Devon Scott Wheeling is incarcerated at Washington State Prison in Georgia. We rather enjoyed reading through is Facebook page, which is under the name "Devan Wheeling". Nice attempt to hide Devon, but not good enough to fool our citizen researchers.

Devon was sentenced to a total of ninety (90) years for multiple accounts of false imprisonment, aggravated assault and armed robbery. Due to some kind judge who set the sentences to run concurrently Devon will be out in less than twenty.

Too bad Devon is wasting his talent tattooing prisoners. He isn't shy about putting pictures of his contraband and illicit activity all over the web for everyone to see.

First up are the pictures of prison life. Ever wanted to know hot to tattoo or cook a sausage in prison?

Not the comment on this photo. We will tell you what this is related to at the end of this post.

Relationship drama. Interesting.

Love the comment from Dianne Perry below:

More drama.

Brandi seems to be involved in a bit of a domestic situation.


A reunion post for inmate families and a summary of Devon's incarceration history.

More Green Dot info.

Interesting post. Our citizen researcher found out what this was all about.

The fellow who everyone wanted to see get killed in prison was Ryan Brunn. He was a maintenance worker at an apartment complex when he lured a seven year old girl into an abandoned apartment, beat her, slit her throat and molested her. He ultimately hung himself in jail. We can't say we were saddened by that.

Read the stories HERE, HERE and HERE.

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  1. Run, Cassie, run. And don't look back. (Of course she sounds too stupid to realize that she'll ruin her life with this loser.)
    Interesting that they call them 'camps'. I wonder if that makes them feel better if they pretend they're at 'camp' instead know-PRISON.
    How disgusting is it that he cooks food on his toilet?! They're disgusting animals. And how does he get away with building a fire in his cell, not to mention setting up a tattoo shop? Is anybody watching their cages?
    Too bad they don't all kill each other. It certainly would ease overcrowding, and then they could keep locking up more useless thugs.