Sunday, July 15, 2012

Marellis Armour - 00323288 - Allendale Correctional

Marellis Armour, aka "Bos Mac Armour", is doing an eight year sentence at Allendale Correctional Institution on an armed robbery conviction out of Lexington County. His wife and sister post on his thugbook page, but the evidence below shows he responds to those posts using his contraband cell phone. The first picture of him below was uploaded on Friday, 13 July.

You know what to do folks.


  1. He just looks so impressive in his prison uniform photo. You can tell his family is so proud of him.

  2. Sad, but true. Are they proud of good grades, good jobs, and strong families? No. They're proud of illegal activity and prison terms. Hilarious that sis is jealous of other 'women' making moves on he's a prize to covet. Doesn't every woman want a felon of their very own?! Their standards are rock bottom.