Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lieber Correctional Institution Inmates

Our citizen researchers are very busy lately. Unfortunately, so are we and CTL must take a back seat. One citizen went hunting and came up with a bevy of inmates at a local prison. We decided to bundle them and present them without a lot of commentary due to the limited time we have available for writing.

Let us present a number of Lieber inmates in one fell swoop. It seems like everyone BUT the corrections officers have cell phones.

First up is "J Luda G Jenkins", real name James Jenkins. He is serving a twelve year sentence at Lieber for an armed robbery conviction out of Orangeburg County. Jenkins is a member of the Folk gang.

Next up is "Jamar Alexander". He made it very easy for our citizen researchers. He even posted a picture of his prison ID. He about to be release from Lieber where he was a serving time for a conviction on a burglary charge out of Richland County. He's still a street nigga, though. And a Folk gang member.

Next up is "Rayetelle Adams". Another inmate who seems to operate with impunity inside prison walls. He is doing a fifteen year bit for a carjacking which resulted in bodily injury out of Marion County. He likes to post a lot of pictures to Thugbook.

Our next Lieber inmate is "Gerald Whitner" who is doing time for trafficking in crack cocaine. He is due for release in 2016.

Lieber seems to have a lot of cell phones. We might suggest a total lockdown and some anal probing to fish them all out. We know the staff at Lieber is taking the correct steps, though.

Next up is "Clute G MayHam Cruell", real name Maurice Cruell. He is another Folk thug doing time for trafficking in crack. He is up for parole in May of 2013 and will max out in 2014.

"Bobby Tureal (Mehki)" is in the midst of serving a sixteen year sentence for Kidnapping out of Horry County. His real name is Robert Robinson.

That's all for today. Only a few hundred more inmates still pending.

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  1. I just want to know why the parole boards are not allowed to see this crap. I know that the thug goes in there and feeds them sh!t about how they have seen the error of their ways and will not offend again.