Thursday, September 6, 2012

Carlton Solomon, Jr.

"Carlton Solomon" was arrested for stabbing a "friend" in the chest then stealing his car. That story sounds a little hinky to us. We are willing to bet there is plenty more to it. Either way, he was charged with Attempted Murder and Carjacking. Judge Lombard set a $100,000 bond on the carjacking charge.

Carlton has no adult record in the Charleston County database, but he recently put up his Thugbook account and posted about finally being free on May 13th. Locked up as a juvenile maybe? The Clerk of Court over there at Charleston County has Carlton listed as a white male, but his mugshot tells a different story. Note to the Clerk of Court Julie J. Armstrong - garbage in, garbage out. Get that data entry right.

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  1. He definitely sounds like a 'real ass nigga'. Heavy on the 'real ass'.