Friday, September 7, 2012

Section 8 Roundup

We hit "WhoTalking" again. This time we searched the term "Section 8". Enjoy the results.

Who's world indeed.

Tell it, Mike.

April needs take some serious remedial courses in history and government. "Most" black forefathers took a stand and lost their lives? Sheesh. Would someone please tell her that Hillsdale College is offering two free courses on the U.S. Constitution. Maybe April will sign up and learn the truth. Yeah - we know.

Ernestine lays it out.

Cephus clears up the misconception about what Nikki Minaj said.

Sharyn doesn't understand current events very well. She probably gets her "news" from BET and MTV.

Tawanda toes the racist line, blaming white politicians for Obummer's miserable term.

Stacey lays out a lot more of the freebies these folks are abusing.

Sillithea wants her people to get as excited about Obama as they do about standing in a line for Section 8 vouchers.

Nolla points out Obama has done things for our economy. She also lays out a long list of freebies she wants to keep. She is disappointed in her generation, but for all the wrong reasons.

Dimeche points out the importance of personal pride and responsibility Americans wanted to be known for at one time. Unfortunately, Nolla's generation is killing that desire.

Political hood language.

What do drugs have to do with food stamps? Hmm.....maybe Terrell should read Charleston Thug Life.

Janeal calls out her peers.

Criminal intentions.

Hmm....if you are living in Section 8, GottaLoveDwill, how are you able to afford those jays, forces, liquor and weed?

This one definitely IS in a league of her own. A league of ignorance.

That "hand up" is supposed to be temporary Jonathan. Sounds like Mom Dukes is working her way up to getting off the dole. Be happy for her.

We all wonder the same thing, Misstiffy_G.

Jennifer gives us the hood translation of Obama's speech.

We like Michel's ideas. Accountability, what a concept.

Ralph hands out a reality check.

We were with Wynesha working hard and paying her own way until we got to the last seven words. After re-reading her post we realized she might be working, but it sounds like she is still taking the government checks and feels entitled to it. We could be wrong about that because Wynesha writes like a recent graduate of public school.

De'vaunte sees what is really going on in the hood.

Stephanie thinks Obama gives a shit about her. Hahahahahahahaha!

Southside Slimm hands out some hard hitting truths.

Calvina informs us the government is buying her books and computers. Interesting. What does she mean by "...then we REALLY won't be able find jobs"? Does that mean she and her peers COULD find jobs now, but just don't want to because of the freebies they steal from the taxpayer? Hmm...

There you have it folks. Spread the word. Study the mentality.


  1. That was some of the funniest reading I have ever seen on here.