Saturday, September 8, 2012

Thugs and Their Girlfriends

A case out of Greenville County demonstrates the dangers of filing false reports with the police. On 13 August "Sabrina Michelle Smith" reported to deputies she had been raped by "Anthony Lee Lamboy". She then provided a description of the suspect. Deputies located Lamboy and approached him. During that contact in the parking lost deputies conducted a records check and found Lamboy had outstanding warrants from Greenwood County for resisting arrest with a deadly weapon and vandalism. Lamboy has quite the criminal history in Greenville and surrounding counties.

When he was advised he was under arrest Lamboy began acting like the thug he was and fought with deputies. When a deputy tried to deploy his lightning bringer on Lamboy the Taser was knocked from his hand. Lamboy then tried to get Deputy Lackey's firearm. The two fell to the ground while struggling over the weapon. A shot was fired and Deputy Lackey suffered a through and through wound to the thigh. Two other deputies then opened fire and terminated the threat with an infusion of lead.

Anthony Lee Lamboy - Dead Right There.

An investigation into the contact and the shooting revealed Sabrina Smith was NOT sexually assaulted by Lamboy and falsified that report. She was charged with Filing a False Report Involving a Felony.

Smith is a bit upset her lie went public. She doesn't seem to care the false report led to the death of Lamboy. Now that's a cold bitch!

Here are some posts from her Thugbook page. Note how she replaces the letter "b" with a "6". Most regular readers will know this indicates she identifies with a street gang other than the Bloods. You can read more of her postings in the comments section of the linked news story.

And what gang reps the color blue?


  1. Does she look rode hard and put up wet, or what??! And ignorant as the day is long. Cage her up.

  2. She is one NASTY looking ho!!!! Her thugbook page is an interesting read. On Aug 29th she posted this: Life sucks wish that i could find me a man that could take care of mee. I wont my son back I miss him so much..

    SO apparently her kid was taken away from her. Thank God! She looks like she can barely take care of herself, much less a child. She has changed her relationship status to "In a relationship" multiple times this year. And one posts proclaims what a great mother she is!!! And the woman defending her in the most recent posts appears to be her mother, who also looks like a tough street chick. This is one f'ed up pair of trashy losers.

  3. What a piece of trash. In an effort to be more encouraging to our thug population I have a message for Ms. Smith: There's plenty of jumping room on the bridges here in Charleston, I encourage you to take advantage of the available space.

  4. Three men charged in death of an 8 year old HHI boy on Sept 1
    Tyrone Robinson
    Aaron Young, Jr.
    Aaron Young, Sr.
    Have you profiled these 3 wonderful human beings?

  5. In receipt of a press release on the case, but haven't had the time to research it yet.