Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wrong Way Kinsey

Byron Christopher Kinsey was happily ignoring traffic law in Charleston riding his bicycle the wrong way down a one way street. One of these evil CPD officers who wrongfully enforce the law against black people spotted Kinsey flaunting the law and attempted to stop him. Kinsey dropped the bike and his handgun and fled. CPD officers rounded him up a few moments later.

Kinsey has a history of carrying firearms and flaunting the law.

2003 Arrests:

Carjacking, Armed Robbery.

Kinsey pled guilty to both charges on 10 November, 2004 before Judge Steven H. John. He was sentenced to nine years, suspended to three years and five years probation on each charge. Concurrent, of course.

2004 Charges:

Failure to Stop for Blue Lights.

The 1st Circuit Solicitor dismissed the charge when Kinsey pled guilty to the two charges above.

2008 Charges:

Murder, Possession of a Weapon During a Violent Crime and Possession of a Weapon by a prohibited person.

Kinsey was found not guilty on 18 October, 2010 after a trial.

You can read about the murder HERE.

2011 Charges:

Failure to Stop for Blue Lights.

Kinsey pled guilty this past April before Judge R. Markley Dennis. As usual, Judge Dennis sentenced him to two years, suspended in favor of 90 days (time served) and eighteen months probation.

We wonder if the latest charges will result in that probation being revoked. Somehow, we doubt it.

In January of 2012 Kinsey was charged with Trespassing and 1st Offense Possession of Cocaine. There is no status on the trespassing charge.

The 9th Circuit Solicitor dismissed the cocaine charge.

A bond judge set three $50,000 bonds on Kinsey for his latest GSC charges involving the weapon.

Charleston Police also charged Kinsey with a variety of magistrate level offenses.


  1. That's 2 whites thugs CTL has profile in one day but I'm sure that won't have any effect on the opinions of those claiming CTL is a racist blog.

  2. Are you able to see the type of handgun Mr. Kinsey was carrying at the time?

  3. it's only two in one day...what's the running average?hmmm when people have to look for opportunities to make such comments it only proves the point.

  4. FOH, as usual you fail to make the logical conclusion backed up evidence. We would tell you to compare the black vs white crime rates, but you wouldn't pay attention and would continue to spout your racist rhetoric about a perceived imbalance.

    Ignoring facts doesn't make them untrue.

  5. Racist Rhetoric....only following the trend of your site. :-)

  6. There is no racist rhetoric here. Let us educate you:

    Rhetoric = the undue use of exaggeration, bombast

    Fact = actually exists, reality, truth

    Facts are what we report. Rhetoric is what you respond with in an effort to diminish the facts.

    Ignoring the facts only makes you ignorant.

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