Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jerrod Dais *updated*

Note: Jerrod updated his incriminating profile after we featured him. The evidence we captured is featured below. Nothing ever goes away on the internet, Jerrod.

Update #2 - Jerrod put his page back up and is trying to edit the gang signs out of his photos. He still has his firearm photos up, though.     Idiot.

According to his Thugbook profile, which you can find under "Dolla RipIke Gwopout", Jerrod Dais is going to turn twenty-three on January 23rd. We hope that isn't true as it would appear from his posts and his photos he is still attending West Ashley High School and doesn't expect to graduate until 2015. Given the fact he doesn't have an adult criminal record yet we believe he lied about his year of birth. Either way, Jerrod is a self-professed "trapper". We wonder how those parents of his classmates at WAHS feel about their kids attending school with this thug. Jerrod likes showing off his cash, his guns and making threats to put his gun in your face.

Jerrod knows quite a few thugs who have achieved Dead Right There status. One of them was an uncle, Isaac James Washington Dais. He was found Dead Right There in the back of a car at O'Hear Avenue and St. Johns Avenue in North Charleston on 4 December, 2010. That murder may still be unsolved. You would think Jerrod would have seen the ultimate result of thug behavior in the death of his relative. You would be mistaken.

Jerrod also knew Shawn Micheal Porter who was gunned down in the Ponderosa subdivision in November of 2008. His killer was identified as Antwuan Breyon Henderson.

Long-time readers of Charleston Thug Life might find that name familiar. The thug who was supposed to be the star witness against Antwuan Henderson almost achieved Dead Right There status in November of 2010, two weeks before he was due to testify. Apparently, the shooting changed the witness' testimony just enough that Henderson was found not guilty on the murder charge. The name of the thug witness is George Brown. Yes, the same George Brown who was charged with accessory after the fact of murder in the Marley Lion murder case. Isn't it interesting how all of these thugs are connected if you look deep enough?

On to Jerrod's Thugbook stuff.

Jerrod claims he's in with the Young Goonz.

He talks about their weapons here.

No doubt. Maybe you should go straight, Jerrod, before you get a big boy record or get murked yourself.

Just in case you doubt Jerrod's words, here is some evidence for you. We captured it just a couple of hours ago.

Jerrod and his crew like to hang out at the local park.

Any parents re-thinking that whole "my kid hangs out with Jerrod" thing?

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  1. They're posting pictures of their dead bodies on facebook now....Too bad they're not smart enough to take it as a warning for their thuglife ways.