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"BreadedUp Shawn Zellars" is a friend of the Choirboy - Carlton Pringle, who stopped a few .45 caliber slugs when he screwed up and pointed his Hi-Point 9mm at a police officer.

Shawn thought it would be cute to put up this video as a tribute to his 'dawg C'.  In the video you will see Pringle, Zellars and a couple of other thugs smoking out, babbling in ghetto speak and generally ensuring they fit into the ghetto rat stereotype. Enjoy, if you can stomach it.


Here is the screen cap from BreadedUp's page:


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Maine Gunnaman Frasier

Marcus Williams' partner in crime has been identified as "Maine Gunnaman Frasier". He claims he graduated from Military Magnet. Here he is taking his turn holding the firearm with Marcus.
Any police investigators interested in some easy pickings?

Marcus "DuckoffjusCoolin" Williams

Here we have another gangsta wannabe, Marcus DuckoffjusCoolin Williams. Marcus tells in his in Facebook profile, "IM BOUT A DOLLOR". Don't know how he is going to invest that 'dollor' since education was obviously NOT something Marcus was 'bout'.

We aren't sure yet where DuckoffjusCoolin is from, but his likes include the Military Magnet School and Liberty Hill. Those two little tidbits could be called "clues".

Let's take a look at a recent photo of Marcus and his weaponry. Not sure who his compatriot is at this point. Are there any law enforcement officers out there willing to go after this shitbag?

19 Year Old Shot On Ashley Phosphate

We have been diligently searching social media sites for the shooter and the recipient of the hot lead injection, Oral Wigfall, Jr. and Alonzo Brown, Jr. respectively. Due to the ridiculous nicknames used in an attempt to conceal their identities we weren't having much luck.

Out of boredom we started surfing the friends list of Geez Sinclair, also known as Oneeightsevenmurda. During this mindless fishing expedition we came across a "Meisha ThuqqMisses Hoard" as a result of her post supporting Carlton Pringle. Note the time, which would have been 12:35 a.m. March 30th.

So, we surf on over to the thug misses' Facebook page and look what pops up:

Meisha confirms our good fortune with these two posts:

He took that shit like a "G". Indeed. Meisha seems to know a lot of bullet magnets, wouldn't you say?

This was a happy a coincidence for the researchers here at Charleston Thug Life. It seems Meisha and Geez and Carlton are all connected through Facebook with the victim of Friday's shooting on Ashley Phosphate. Meisha identifies the victim Alonzo Brown, Jr. as her brother, but who really knows. She then provides us with his Facebook name - "Liljack Darippa". Really. One of these three fellows throwing up gang signs on the beach is Darippa:

This one has his photo section locked down. Maybe he did learn something at that Young Criminal Academy, otherwise known as Stall High School.

We here at Charleston Thug Life will be studiously perusing the 2822 friends listed on Darippa's page. Rest peacefully in the knowledge we will search out even more thugs for your viewing pleasure. We might end up having to hire a few more people on the research end, though. Sheesh, there sure are a lot of thugs in Charleston! If any local police departments would like to rent our services and assistance in linking these ass-clowns, let us know. Our research is solid.

Another Thug

Why don't we talk about Anton Simmons for a bit. According to his Facebook page he is busy wasting your tax dollars by attending Garrett Academy. We can't figure out how, but he plans to graduate with the class of 2015. You know, people always talk about how the school system has failed these kids, but public posts like the one below from Anton show us these kids have failed the school system. He posted this on the Facebook page of his buddy, Oneeightsevenmurda. You remember him - he's the cousin of the recently ventilated Carlton Pringle.


Anton apparently has the necessary equipment to implement his threat against officers of the North Charleston Police Department, although, much like his "bra", he may be lacking in the balls department. Maybe there are some investigators at NCPD who would like to follow up on these two photos:

Here is the comments section for the first photo:

Tough to tell at this resolution, but it looks like the serial number and other identifying information stamped on the firearm might have been obliterated. If so, that would bring an additional charge. I bet your family is very proud of you, Anton. Seriously. 

Who else thinks the National Association for Advocacy for Criminal People and the media will only show a bunch of baby faced pictures of this ass-clown when he tries to make good on his threat and ends up stopping a few police bullets?

Choirboy Shot by Police?

On March 25th, 2012, at approximately 3:00 p.m. officers from the North Charleston Police Department responded to the Ferndale neighborhood in response to calls from residents. Callers to 911 reported a group of young black males were shooting at one another. A description of one of the shooters was provided and responding officers were advised of the description.

An officer arrived on-scene and noticed two black males walking up the street. One of the individuals fit the description exactly. The officer attempted to make contact with these individuals, but they turned and headed in the opposite direction. The officer exited his vehicle and approached on foot. The two males subjects fled on foot. During the foot pursuit a subject later identified as Carlton Lamont Pringle, 17 years of age, turned and pointed a firearm at the officer. The officer drew his sidearm and fired several shots in response to the aggressive action. Pringle was hit multiple times and fell to the ground, dropping a Hi-Point semi-automatic pistol in the process.

Reports by the Charleston media were initially fairly straightforward, mainly because they didn't have a lot of information. The process of sensationalizing the event was already set in motion, as evidenced by this headline in the Post and Courier:

"North Charleston Officer Shoots Teen"

Subsequent stories in the Post and Courier and the local television news (WCBD, WCIV, WCSC) all reported statements made by the family alleging Carlton Pringle was a good, church-going boy who sang in the choir. Additional statements by Ed Bryant, a shill for the Charleston chapter of the NAACP were reported in which he spewed forth the association's usual claims of racial profiling.

These allegations and more were widely reported without comment from the police department. Those unfamiliar with police procedure often wonder why this is. Officers in the department are often frustrated with what they perceive as an unwillingness by the department to support them. Police departments are commonly placed in this untenable position because their job is to gather facts and evidence. A department is not able to try a case in the media like the other side does. The media knows this, but fails to report that fact. Instead, they repeatedly play the inflammatory statements of family and others, who know little to nothing about an incident.

Local media dutifully reported the family's claims that the suspect was not armed, was shot in the back, etc. etc. ad nauseum. In an effort to put these claims to rest the North Charleston Police Department tracked down a security video from a nearby business that showed the incident. Once this was aired publicly the family still claimed Pringle was unarmed.

"I don't really see him pulling out no gun or nothing," claimed Pringle's mother, Dominique Chisholm. She claims the object dropping from Pringle's hand is a cell phone.

After several days of listening to this kind of tripe some citizens in the Charleston area decided they had had enough. They were tired of 'journalists' who report only what they are told and don't bother to investigate any further. The citizens began their own investigation. Why don't we take a look at the some of the facts they were able to turn up after thirty minutes of looking around the internet.

Pringle's page, under the name Bryckboi Dammage da Headhunna has since been deleted. Others are available, though. Let's start with his mother:

On March 25th, at 1:35 a.m. Dominique Chisholm posted this on Facebook:

On March 25th, at 2:10 a.m. she posted this:

A little more than twelve hours later we see this post:

Within hours she was portraying her son as a choirboy. She also posted this little statement, which has now been deleted from her page:

Additional investigation led our intrepid citizens to the page of Pringle's cousin, Geez Sinclair, aka Oneeightsevenmurda. This page indicates the 'teens' are part of a group known as I-26 Dopezone. This interesting photo was discovered, showing Geez huffing on a blunt and Pringle holding a Hi-Point 9mm semi-automatic. Well golly, isn't that the same make and model handgun he pointed at the officer?

This photo was discovered by citizens who brought it to the attention of local journalists. To the credit of the Post and Courier, they published part of the photo. The paper cut out everything to the left of Pringle and presented the photo as him holding a firearm similar to the one recovered from the crime scene. We love how they mention another fellow "smoking" but fail to mention what he is smoking.

WCBD Channel 2 mentioned the picture, but chose not to show any of it. The natural conclusion is the station was forced to report on the picture because a citizen uploaded it to their Facebook page and it garnered quite a few comments.

Seems to us an enterprising young police officer could present this as evidence and levy an additional charge of Unlawful Possession of a Firearm against Pringle. Isn't social media great?

Until this photo was thrust in the media's face they were publishing photos to support their allegation Pringle was a choirboy. Using the word 'teen' and publishing baby faced photos is the media's way of slanting a story against the police. More often than not, when they slant the story against the police they also slant the story against law abiding citizens. This case is just another in a long line of examples showing how the media no longer conducts impartial investigations into stories. All they do now is write down what people say to them and put it in a story.

In typical racist fashion, Ed Bryant of the NAACP claims the photo nothing more than an effort to smear Pringle's reputation. Really? It seems he doesn't need any help in that regard.

Then we get this little gem from Bryant:

"“Even if he’s on Facebook with a gun, that had absolutely no connection to him being shot by a police officer,” Bryant said. “It just means at some point in time he was seen with a gun. It’s just a picture.”

This is the typical convoluted logic we have come to expect from the National Association Advocating for Criminal People. Ignore and discount the hard evidence and make it all better by making some ridiculously ignorant statement. And they wonder why they aren't taken seriously.

This is also evidence of typical reporting in the twenty-first century. Not one reporter bothered to put Ed Bryant on the spot and ask the hard questions. They just wrote down his idiotic comments and reported them.

Here is Geez Sinclair's opinion on the shooting:

Geez put this wonderful portrait up to honor his cousin. Note the typical "Free (thug name here)" cry:

We say, free Dammage from the hospital and put his gangsta ass under the jail.


Welcome to the inaugural post of Charleston Thug Life. We started this blog because we have grown tired of the lack of investigative reporting by alleged journalists and the slanted views they present when it comes to black on white, black on black and white on black crime. Race is still a major factor to one segment of our population - blacks. They have played that card so frequently that normal people don't even pay attention to it anymore. The media is complicit in this behavior.

Charleston Thug Life will report the news and delve into the backgrounds of the victims and suspects using a variety of sources available to the general public but ignored by the 'media'. Even when forced to recognize information gathered from these sources, the media presents such information with a plethora of comments from the organizations who purport to represent various and sundry minorities. We will point out this agenda based reporting.

We hope you find Charleston Thug Life informative and revealing.