Saturday, April 7, 2012


We intended to make a tiny little splash in the tri-county area. Glenn Smith noticed the ripples and wrote what turned out to be a decent and fair article. From that point on things blew sky high and continue to detonate on an hourly basis.

The cries of racism were something we expected. The vitriol, while disconcerting to folks who have never experienced it, also failed to surprise us much. Stuff like that happens when you cover a subject largely ignored by one segment of the community, mostly out of fear, and another segment whose members would prefer to keep it hidden. Kind of like the villain in those Harry Potter movies - everyone knows who the bad guy is, they can see who he is in the news, but they can't speak his name and most try to ignore the fact that he exists.  Except for those who attempt to profit from the villain.

Let's discuss that problem. The media is all over this incident and reporting it as a hate crime before the facts are even known. A possible white suspect and a number of blacks shot and/or killed. Hate crime.

Only a few outlets are reporting this incident. If it wasn't for Drudge we wouldn't know about it all. A large group of black suspects attack a white tourist, beat him unconscious, and rob him blind while black bystanders point and laugh. Absolutely no mention of the racial aspects of this crime.

Two contrasting recent events which point out the very bias and dissembling methodology of the media this blog was started to call-out and overcome.

The Associated Press has picked up Glenn's piece on the blog. We are now national and the blog has experienced the equivalent of a nuclear explosion. As we said before, we aren't sure how long we will pursue this endeavor. The goal of bringing the truth to light has been achieved. Rest assured, we aren't giving up yet, though. We are going to take a short break and we'll be back with the truth you have come to expect. We are debating branching out a bit and including other areas in the Southeast.

We will most likely end the day with well over 100,000 individual hits on the blog. Thank you for your interest, be it good, bad or indifferent. When all of this is over, maybe someone will be able to point to this project as the jumping off point for a dialogue and a course of action that ends up saving a lot of young AMERICANS of all races from the path to criminality.

We are going to crack open a few brews now. Peace.

The Charleston Thug Life Team

Casualty Report

"Mike ToodamnCutthroat Mckelvey" has killed his Twitter feed now. Way to go mom!! We hope to see him working hard and on the path to success after he graduates college. We sincerely mean that.

Charleston City Paper Jumps In

That bastion of yellow liberal journalism known as the Charleston City Paper has jumped in to ride Glenn Smith's coat tails. While Glenn gave us a fair shake, the slant of the CCP is well known to all local residents. If they didn't hand that rag out for free it would be stacked to the ceiling at the publisher.

We are amazed at how quickly these liberal race hustlers are to assume most of the folks who have voluntarily represented themselves as drug dealers and gangsters, and posted the pictures to prove it, are simply "posers". Well, CCP, there is that little concept commonly known as 'evidence'. They posted it, we found it on a public forum and distributed it over a wider public forum. Why don't you wander in to a local P.D. with some of those pictures. They already know who these people are.

Not all of the folks featured here are unknown to us. We live in these communities and we know who and where the problems are. We have also developed a small force of anonymous citizens who forward information on the problems in their communities. 

South of Broad cokeheads, College of Charleston potheads and the other folks pointed out in this hit piece don't advertise and don't post pictures of themselves with a straw in their nose, a few grand in their teeth and an AK in their hands. Reality sucks doesn't it? You don't think we would slam a similar photo of that Ravenel clown up on the site if there was one on his Facebook page? You are sadly mistaken.

Just because you folks publish a 'newspaper' doesn't necessarily mean your reading comprehension is up to par. Let us assist you:

That is called a definition. Read it a few times.

Now follow along with our hypothetical here. Let's say we gallop over to the CCP Facebook page and the "about us" section states: 

"Slingin' the news and stackin' the advertising bands even though we forged our journalism degrees."

Then we find pictures of you actually forging those degrees.

We decide to take a screen capture of the evidence YOU put up there and post it in the blogosphere. 

Have we published a libel against you or simply exposed your confession to a wider audience? Based on your article we can guess your answer, so we should ask an impartial party.

What about it citizens? Is that a libel or would we simply be assisting the CCP in their obvious desire to put their self-professed forgery business all over the internet?

You also err in assuming a private setting on a social media site would prevent us from pulling these thugs out of the woodwork. Remember those anonymous citizens we mentioned earlier? Yeah. Pissed off citizens can be sneaky like that.

Another Casualty Report

The Glynn Terrace dealer and thug "Thugg Brothaz" has terminated his Facebook profile. We are pretty sure he is still out there on Alvie and Olivia Street, strapped and slingin' 

Casualty Report

"Fliparachi Bandtana" has folded his Facebook profile. He's still trappin', stackin' and thuggin' in your community, though.

Try It Yourself

Here is a little experiment for those who cry 'racism' at the purveyors of information on this blog. Open up Facebook and type any of the following search terms:


Add up how many white folks use those terms in their profile names. Now, how many did you find?

We try to stick with those individuals who advertise themselves as drug dealers or thugs, wave around a lot of cash, and particularly those who meet the first two criteria and also display weapons. We overlook a ton of people who are doing nothing more than claiming membership in a gang and throwing up signs.

We also have a cadre of citizens who have been reporting profiles they run across that meet the above criteria. If you find a white or a hispanic (or a white-hispanic) who meets the qualifications, drop us an email and let us know. We will put them up in a New York minute.

Casualty Report and a Response to Rhonda Green

"Bigg Freedro Juicee" has deleted his incriminating profile.

Mrs. Green,

We are not sure which of the featured subjects you are referring to in your comments at the Post and Courier. In spite of this lack of information we will try to address your concerns.

We can sympathize with the plight of trying to raise a teenager in these troubling times. Some of us are struggling with the same dilemma. Keep plugging away at it.

That being said, if we found one of those children holding forth on the web about 'trappin' (drug dealing), flashing thousands of dollars, using drugs, displaying weapons, and threatening bodily harm to other 'trappas' (drug dealers), the last thing he or she would have to worry about would be embarrassment or the trauma of deleting his or her profile. An extensive non-DSS approved ass whipping would be followed by a thorough search of the home to ensure none of those illicit items were stashed anywhere in or around the residence.

Possession of certain firearms by minors is forbidden by law. Minors can't buy weapons, so the logical conclusion is those weapons in the photos are stolen. A consult with a criminal lawyer might be a prudent course of action. Or you could just call your local law enforcement agency and have them come out to explain the law to your son. I'm sure our public servants would be happy to play a part in his return to the straight and narrow.

If being featured here has "served as a wakeup call" for your son, then our goal has been achieved. Pointing out which blog star you are talking about would help us better address your issues.

Your comment leads the reader to assume you are speaking of the person whose photo was featured in the article. If you are referring to "Bigg Freedro Juicee" we would suggest you read the comments attached to the photos we captured. The evidence in that profile indicates something much more sinister than a kid trying to fit in.

We are pleased we could assist you in your child rearing endeavors.

The Charleston Thug Life Team

Friday, April 6, 2012

Fliparachy Bandtana

"Fliparachy Bandtana" is believed to operate in the Russelldale area of North Charleston.

Maybe he is just living in a run-down, crappy house so he can save every single penny he makes. Yeah, that would explain all that cash. Wouldn't it?

Nah. Like his fellow thugs, he makes no bones that he's out there trappin' to get his money.

Should we venture a guess as to what is in that plastic bag?

Word is Out

"Reakwon So'icey-cowboy Daye" has blocked access to his advertisement for his drug dealing business out there in Walterboro.

"BreadedUp Dollaballa Zellars" has privatized his photos. That's okay Shawn, we have them.

"Dale Boy Darryl" has deleted his page.

"Meisha Thuqqmisses Hoard" tried changing her name on Facebook, but couldn't figure it out. She says she's going to start over with another profile.

"P Datstripboi Everette" has deleted his profile. Mom is working overtime with Mike and P. Nice job.

Profiles come and go, the digital evidence remains forever.

Remember folks - just because they delete a profile doesn't mean they aren't still out there in your neighborhoods, well armed and selling their poison. Right click and save the photos of the thugs in your area. Learn their faces. When you see them - call the police. You have been silent and suffered under their brand of harassment of a long time. Now it is time for them to know what that feels like.

Keep rooting them out, dear readers.

Well Dang!!!

In the space of a few hours the blog stats went sky high. As we were examining the web traffic we found this article at the Post and Courier.

We will give credit where credit is due and state our belief that Glenn Smith did a decent job on the article. He obviously spent some time on the blog and he was one of the media folks who wanted to meet with us. Glenn also visited the usual suspects for comment, to include Dot Scott of the NAACP.

Let us make a point. The reader can do the necessary research (as we have done) to prove we are correct. We made a statement that indicated we weren't targeting black thugs. We stand by that statement, though black thugs are the prevalent subjects on the blog. We have pointed out the white thug associates of some of those featured on the site. White thugs tend to be harder to pin down because we have found they aren't prone to putting their business on the internet, e.g. occupation listing of 'drug dealer' or posing with guns and cash. It doesn't mean they don't exist, it just means they are harder to find.

The other point we would like to make is this. We started this adventure on Carlton Pringle's Facebook Page. We examined the pages of everyone in his friends list. We then examined all of the friends listed on the friends lists of his friends, and kept investigating in that manner. All but two of the subjects profiled can be traced back to Carlton Pringle's friends list. Think of it as a family tree or an organizational chart with Pringle at the top. Interesting, isn't it?

Dot Scott is an ignorant fool who follows the tried and true methodology of most alleged black advocacy groups and tries to turn an 'aw shit' by one of their group into an 'oh shit now we have a big check' moment for the organization and the evil-doer. Read the news, you see it every other day. The unfortunate thing is people like Dot Scott and her long corrupted group only make things worse for the folks they claim to represent. It is possible they never read, or simply didn't understand the story of the boy who cried wolf. They have cried wolf so many times their impact is diluted. As a result, when someone needs an organization to assist with an actual problem and chooses the NAACP, their claims are immediately viewed with suspicion and acrimony. Why? Because the NAACP has a horrible track record of jumping on the wrong cases and horrifically inflating them with fraudulent claims and ridiculous demands.

There is no racial profiling here, Dot. There is only truth. You are just upset that we are bringing the truth to light and severely narrowing the list of possible candidates for your next 'choirboy'. Has anyone else noticed that whenever a source exposes the true extent of the crime problem in the black community Dot Scott and the NAACP claim the writer/publisher/commentator has 'set back the discussion over racial justice and equality'? Here is a novel idea, Dot. Why not just acknowledge the problem instead of trying to conceal it and then devote your considerable resources to solving it. If you did that - we wouldn't exist.

Hey Dot!! Here's a little secret for you. We are a multi-ethnic group of citizen researchers.

And our definition of the 'NAACP' acronym will be changing. We just haven't been feeling creative lately. For the next week it will be "National Organization for Agitating Colored People". Stick around, they will get better.

Let us clear something up. We have never claimed to be journalists. Some of us have taken the courses but we all chose more honorable professions. We are researchers and bloggers. That being said, Glenn could have chosen someone with more reliable credentials than a stint at CNN. Seriously? The 'Check Nothing Never' network? We feel slighted.

Why is it the news media always labels those who tell the stories they won't 'vigilantes'? They lash out with that word when the narrative being told is something they have been refusing to cover for years.

Look Bierbauer - You weren't the best 'professor', but most overlooked that just to get the diploma. Take that however you want. :)

If you weren't afraid of the truth you would recognize that strife and division were already present in the community. There is strife and division between the police and the decent citizens because of the type of slanted media coverage you participated in and advocate. We can't think of anything more strident than the cry from law abiding citizens to be protected from the types of people featured here. Someone of your political bent should be happy blogs like this exist and citizens take time to dig up and report this information. You got paid to do it and still shirked your full responsibilities. Otherwise there may come a time when true vigilantism takes root and things get very ugly.

Once again - thanks for reading and a huge thank you to all the unknown citizens who have contributed links, photos and other content. We encourage folks in other communities to take a stand and duplicate our efforts.

The Charleston Thug Life Team

Casualty Report

Well, it looks we have our first Facebook casualty as a result of an appearance on Charleston Thug Life. Mike ToodamnCutthroat Mckelvey has deleted his Facebook profile. Could it be possible our report on him, which is only a few hours old, finally pierced the veil impeding his mother's vision? We can only hope.

One down, thousands more to go.

Blaza Gotta Getit and Flipit Man

We all know every thug out there thinks he's a rapper bound for the big time. To be quite honest, we enjoy our fair share of hip-hop and rap style music. What you see on this entry of Charleston Thug Life is the type of 'gangsta' rap ethos that is idolized by our thugs. We present "Blaza Gotta Getit" also known as "BlazaTunes", and "Flipit Man". Some thugs put their ill-gotten gains toward self-produced rap videos in an effort to propel themselves into the big time. We doubt Blaza is making the stacks of money you see here by selling his songs for $1.00 each at his website.

The images below were taken from their Thugbook pages. Some are from a video shoot for their 'Stop Thuggin' video. Others were taken elsewhere. We believe the firearms to be real. We have included the video at the end of this entry. It is tough to stomach, but you should let it run all the way through so you can get a grasp on the mentality of the thugs who grace these pages. Don't play it if you have little children, the elderly, or more than one cat in the room. Trust us on that. We watched it once and now we have to spend the rest of the evening drinking heavily to purge the resulting brain vomit choking our synapses.


Mike ToodamnCutthroat Mckelvey

Edited: 7 April, 2012

In light of Mike's mother reaching out and her willingness to deal with the issues presented, and do it in reasonable manner, we made a decision as a group to clear his sheet and give him a fresh start. We believe she has proven to be the type of concerned parent we should all strive to be.

The Charleston Thug Life Team

Thugg Brothaz

Meet the fellow who tagged his profile with the moniker "Thugg Brothaz". He keeps representing something called "3rd Street Ent". After all of the time we have spent surfing Thugbook we have seen all of these dope boy thugs think they are rappers and they tag their criminal enterprise with some entertainment type name. This one actually hails from the Glynn Terrace area of North Charleston. A Google map search shows us Alvie Street is the third street off of Olivia from Dorchester Road (not counting the frontage road). If you enter the area from Marilyn Drive, Alvie is, in fact, the third street. Thus, 3rd Street Ent.

Meet Thugg

Thugg likes to be a role model and help the next generation of hoot rats get a start in life.

This fellow gets wasted and gets careless. He lost his gun on 28 March, 2012.

It's all good, though, because his homeboys can keep track of theirs.

The thug in the photo above is "Rell YT Summers". We don't see much on his profile, but thanks to Thugg we have this photo.

In the next photo Thugg is on the right. That could be "Digga Montana" on the left, but there could be some doubt on that issue.

Here is Thugg all by himself.

Oh, snap!! We have a white thug. "Greg Jordan Airs" currently has his page locked down, but we are working on that.

If you happen to have an old Twitter account wasting away you can follow Thugg Brothaz.

Glad you could join us fellas!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Goose Creek Thug

"Bigg Freedro Juicee" is making his debut appearance on Charleston Thug Life from the city of Goose Creek. If you know someone at GCPD you might want to let them know that Juicee's fat ass is about to be splashed all over these pages.

Here is is life in a nutshell.

Now you see why he is a "Street pharmesis"! He went to some subpar high school. Juicee likes to flash his drug business proceeds and his weapons. Check him out.

What makes Juicee so interesting is he actually has some white boys in his crew. Based on the comments above these fellows seem to be aware of his business and his armory.

Here is a photo and a list of Juicee's other homeboys.

Welcome to Charleston Thug Life, Juicee!

Blog Update

We have begun using tags to narrow down the area each thug operates in if we can determine it from their social media pages. For example - North Charleston, Charleston, Walterboro, etc. As time allows we will go through all the old posts and narrow things down even further, e.g. Waylyn, Macon, Dooley, Rosemont. We have been using 'weapon displayed' and 'narcotics use' already.

We have added a search box to the top of the blog. If you only want to see thugs who are displaying weapons, type 'weapon' in the box and you will see those posts. This thing is really blowing up and we are trying to make it as easy as possible for the reader to find the thugs operating in their area.

Thank you for your participation.

The Charleston Thug Life Team

Webbie NevaBroke Bhb

Our latest entry into the thug dealer hall of fame is known as "Webbie NevaBroke Bhb", but we were able to determine his first name is probably Malique. Using our extensive and highly trained guessing skills we believe his last name be Webb. Back in 2010 he was tossed out of Ft. Dorchester High School and sent to Givhans. He didn't like the Fort much.

You can go read the comments for yourself. In the one dated 17 November he implies a threat to go to Ft. Dorchester and cause a problem. His friends, who apparently know he has artillery, ask him not to shoot them. Isn't that just prcious?

Malique claims to the boss of everything from Ashley Phosphate to West Ashley.

He likes to take pictures with the money he makes from his drug dealing enterprise. Oh, if you see either of the below vehicles in your neighborhood you might want to notify your local law enforcement agency.

Congratulations, Malique, on graduating from Givhans to Charleston Thug Life!!