Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mobile Phones in Prison? *Updated* Lee Correctional

One of our sharp eyed readers spotted something we missed and was able to pull the name Dustin from some links off his Facebook Page. That reader then identified this fellow as Dustin Charles Fant, who is currently incarcerated at Lee Correctional Institution on a charge of Strong Arm Robbery.

Do any of our readers know an officer who works there and can give them a heads up? We smell a lock-down and a cell search coming.

Update 2: We just emailed the corrections department, but can't call because we might give away our identity. Emergency number is: 803-896-2258 if a good citizen wishes to call.

During one of our fishing trips through social media we stumbled upon a fellow from Easley, SC who is apparently incarcerated in an as yet unknown prison. He manages to make regular updates to his Facebook page via a mobile phone. He claims to be from Easley and married to a woman in Tennessee who recently drove six hours to see him.

We all watch 'Hard Time' and 'Lockup' so we have an idea what a problem a cell phone can be. Maybe some corrections officer will recognize this guy. He's posting from that mobile every day or two and making phone calls out once he's locked in his cell.

This guy initially set up his profile under the name "Pablo Escobar 3" so we can make an educated guess what offense he might be incarcerated for. He apparently had some prison conversion and now goes by the name of "Basir Sami Illym Abdullah". We checked multiple states and the federal inmate locator and can't find him under that name. Here are some photos of him.

Screen captures of his wall posts, which indicate he is posting from a mobile phone and making calls from it. He has been doing it for quite some time.

Shard Lee

Give a big Charleston Thug Life welcome to "Shard Lee", real name Rashard Prince Lee. Shard doesn't make claims to be a drug dealer on his page, but he did put up a photo of some freshly cooked crack in a spoon. Wasn't that nice of him? Here is Rashard.

Here is what the Shard is cooking.

We have been learning a lot about crime and punishment since starting this project. Does Shard know he can be charged federally for having firearms while he's manufacturing crack?

Rashard also claims to have a Mac-11. The picture below was NOT taken from his page, but we thought those unfamiliar with firearms might want to see one.

Rashard also likes to show off all the cash he is making from cooking up that crack.

Have you folks read about all the home invasions in the news lately? As it turns out, most home invasions are the result of some drug dealer flashing his cash and drugs, whether in person or on Facebook, and the competition deciding to pay him a not so cordial visit and take his stash. They just have to show it off, though.

Rashard hails from an area of North Charleston known as "The Macon". His general area of operations appears to be in the Chicora-Cherokee neighborhood near the old naval base. Florida Avenue to be specific.

Haven't there been a few CPAD marches in that neighborhood in an effort to stop the drug dealing and associated violence? Somehow, I don't think the good citizens or the North Charleston Police Department will accept Rashards insincere mea culpa below.

Right back at ya, Rashard. You're a real prince.

Let's examine Rashard's arrest history.

On 20 December, 2005 Rashard was arrested and charged with Resisting Arrest, Unlawful Carrying of a Pistol and Unlawful Possession of a Pistol by a person under 21. As we have seen in previous examinations, the solicitor decided not prosecute a single one of these charges four months later. We are starting to wonder if some of the thugs receiving these sweet deals actually turned rat. What other explanation is there for why a solicitor would dismiss charges against a person who resisted arrest while armed?

In September of 2008 Rashard was charged with Possession of Cocaine Base. Yeah, the same stuff he's showing us in that photo above which was dated March 27th, 2012. The solicitor and the judge let him plead out and gave him time served and one year of probation.

April of 2009 brought a charge of Assault With Intent to Kill. Ten months later the solicitor and the judge let him cop a plea. He was sentenced to three-hundred days. Do the match between the date of arrest and the date of the plea and you will see Rashard walked free after the plea. Basically, he was given time served in the county jail.

November 2010 brought charges of Possession of 28 grams  or less of marijuana and Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana Near a School. Almost three months later he was again allowed to plead guilty. This time to the possession charge and sentenced to ninety-four days. Once again, probably the amount of time he had already served in the county jail. The distribution charge was dismissed by the solicitor.

Alright citizens. Once again, we see there is a problem in Charleston. Weak, and in most cases NO prosecution combined with relatively light sentences tell these thugs they can do anything, anytime, anywhere and not worry about the consequences. We might as well hand them the keys to everything and let them run wild.

The Life of a Criminal

Channel 5 reports one of our fine citizens of the Lowcountry assisted police in catching a burglar. Way to go!!

How many of you have ever taken the time to research the folks arrested by our law enforcement officers? Probably not many. It takes time. We did it for you in this case and we think it will be a real eye opener into what happens after the arrest.

Steven Alonzo Small's adult criminal career began in Charleston County in 2002. Let's review the whole sordid saga.

Burglary 2nd Degree. Smalls escapes a felony conviction. The solicitors office and the judge let him plead to misdemeanor trespassing. 

Pled guilty to Possession of Cocaine. This arrest came just a month-and-a-half after his burglary arrest.

As you can see, Smalls was sentenced under the Youthful Offender Act, which is designed to give young first time offenders a break. We wonder if he ever finished high school. Smalls got a huge break and walked free.

Now on to 2003. Just eight months after catching a break on the cocaine charge Smalls was arrested with a weapon. He was charged with unlawful possession by a person under 21 yoa and unlawful carrying. Both charges were dismissed in December of 2003 by the solicitor. Smalls walked free again.

While awaiting the ultimate disposition on the weapons charges Smalls was charged with a violation of his probation on the cocaine charge. There was no sentence listed. Smalls walked free.

Smalls apparently did not spend much time behind bars on the probation violation because less than a week later he was arrested for Breaking & Entering a Motor Vehicle. This case dragged on until 2006 when the solicitor finally opted to dismiss the charge. Smalls walked free.

2004. Smalls with charged with possession of marijuana in March. This is a magistrate level offense and apparently the officer decided not to prosecute the case. Smalls walked free.

Four days after the marijuana charge was nolle prossed, Smalls was arrested and charged with Trafficking Cocaine and Possession of Cocaine with Intent to Distribute Near a School. He was also charged with another weapons offense - Possession of a Weapon During a Crime.

This case dragged on for two years until the solicitor decided not to prosecute the case in July of 2006. Smalls walked free.

2005. Nine months after the cocaine and weapon arrest Smalls was charged with Burglary 2nd Degree - again. For some strange reason it appears this case was not presented to the grand jury for two years. The solicitor dismissed the case because there was no indictment. This sounds like a major screw-up to us. Either way, Smalls walked free.

Four months later Smalls was charged with his second probation violation. We don't have a disposition on this.

We do know, however, he didn't spend much time in jail on that probation violation because he was arrested twelve days later for yet another charge of Burglary 2nd Degree. This charge was dismissed pretty damn quick. Six days after his arrest. Smalls walked free.

On to 2006. Smalls was arrested on August 11th and charged with the following offenses.

Possession With Intent to Distribute Cocaine 2nd offense
Possession With Intent to Distribute Cocaine Base (crack)
Possession With Intent to Distribute Cocaine within 1/2 mile of a school
Possession With Intent to Distribute Cocaine Base within 1/2 mile of a shool

Smalls plead guilty to 2nd offense cocaine distribution and the other three charges were dropped by the solicitor. As you can see below he was sentenced to five years in prison on May 23, 2007.

Probably as a result of this conviction he was charged with yet another probation violation in January of 2007.

There is an absence of records from 2007 through 2010, but Smalls was back on the streets in 2011. On 14 December he was arrested for Burglary 2nd Degree again. This charge is pending.

Now we ask you, dear citizens, should this predator be roaming our streets committing additional offenses with an arrest record like that? Who gets the blame? Obviously our law enforcement officers have been doing their jobs by locking him up every chance they get. There seems to be a breakdown in our historically short-handed and overworked Probation and Parole Department. The solicitors office and the judges who sign off on their decisions are the ones ultimately left holding the bag in cases like this. Do they even consider prior history when making decision to dismiss? Apparently not.

How long before Steven Alonzo Smalls is walking free again?

Continuing Beef

The beef between Derrick Givens and Devonte Stafford continues. Go here to see the previous update. Links to other posts are there.

In this entry Devonte chastises Derrick and the 'young goons' for putting their business on the internet for all to see, then he does it again himself. He did take down the video we posted yesterday, though.

Not quite as interesting as Sons of Anarchy, we know.