Saturday, April 28, 2012

Robert Edward Kimble - Hays State Prison

Our next inmate is a guest of the Georgia taxpayers at Hays State Prison. Meet "Bam Kimble", real name Robert Edward Kimble. This guy is the most prolific prison poster on Facebook we have seen yet. He has photos of himself getting tattoos and smoking pot. A lot of photos.

Latest post from this past Thursday, April 26th:

This one seems a bit gay, but hey, to each his own.

And a few other examples. For you Georgia prison investigators not yet familiar with Charleston Thug Life, we not only provide you a link to the inmate's page, but we also include posting dates on all of our screen captures. Have fun!

Once again - contact info for Hays State Prison. We TRIED to send them a note via their contact form, but it wasn't very cooperative. Feel free to give them a call.

On to the next one Charleston Thug Lifers!!!

Georgia Prisoner With a Cell Phone

Update to the Update: Checkmate is incarcerated at Hays State Prison in Georgia. You might remember Hays from the show "Lockup". He gets tattooed with the next inmate going up on Charleston Thug Life. That's how we figured out where he was imprisoned.

Contact info for Hays State Prison:

Update: Checkmate might actually be incarcerated in Georgia. We are following some leads on other prisoner's Facebook pages. Georgia corrections officers take note as well.

Meet "Checkmate Freelibra". He is currently incarcerated at an as yet unknown prison in the state of Florida, but updates his Facebook page via mobile phone on a regular basis. He also calls quite a few people. He is linked to the previously posted park shooter, Tyrone Bivins. We are some hard working corrections officer will recognize the tattoos on this criminal. Hopefully they will take care of the problem since they are the ones most at risk.

Checkmate (real name unknown) talks about getting high in prison and a murder on the cell block.

Tyrone Vincent Bivens - Miami Gardens, FL

Update: Wow! You folks thought we had crappy judges setting bonds in the Lowcountry. This guys shot four people and an eleven year old kid and his bond is just over $18,000!!

As you can see from recent posts, Charleston Thug Life is branching out a bit. There is just so much more fun to be had on a nationwide basis. We are still working the Charleston thugs, but they get tiring after a while. It is also interesting to note the similarities within the thug communities across the country.

This post deals with a shooting in Miami Gardens, Florida. Tyrone Vincent Bivens fired shots into a park where two-hundred people were having fun with their kids back in November. Four people were injured and an eleven-year-old boy was hit by a stray bullet.

One of our citizen researchers pointed us to his Facebook page under the name "Tyrone Buddy Bivens".

Tyrone and his friends like their guns.

Tyrone before.....

And Tyrone after he became infatuated with Pippy Longstocking.....

We wonder if Tyrone used this 'chopper' to shoot up that park full of kids.

Tyrone's brother "Avery Bivens" has one of those prison Facebook accounts. He hasn't posted since August, but he was providing regular updates for a while.

Thuggin' Sanford Florida Style

Sit back, grab a glass of tea or a brew and spend some time browsing this very long post. We spent hours upon hours surfing the social media sites and checking out candidates for our subsidized advertising service. Believe it when we tell you - there are a LOT of candidates in, around and associated with Sanford, Florida who need the kind of help only we can provide. We even stumbled upon our very first female gang member. Maybe we should start with her.

Every one of those featured here represents the Blood gang. I guess they have taken over in Sanford. Even if they can't spell 'flags' properly.

"Moneybaqq Shawti" proudly represents the Blood gang. Note the red bandanna (flag) she's flying on her shoulder as she points that firearm at you.

Next up is a fellow who has a couple of Facebook profiles, but this was our favorite since he was being absolutely honest about himself. Meet "Ignorant Black". He and his crew also fly the Blood flag, as do most of the thugs we found in Sanford.

Next up is "Alfred Willingham". He's a graduate of the streets and he likes to clip the wings off of niggaz. His words, not ours. He also uses a couple of different profiles to advertise his business.

Alfred let's us know what business he's in and therefore qualified for our advertising welfare program.

His good friend "Mohawk Woadie" didn't really need our advertising help, but we thought, "What the hell," and decided to include him. We didn't want him to feel slighted because his buddy Alfred qualified for the entitlement. Woadie claims to hail from Atlanta, but we don't believe him because he shows up on several other pages from Sanford.

Woadie also reps for the Bloods.

There's that backwards 'b' they throw to rep the Bloods.

Our next Sanford banger goes by the name "Braw Manson Brick Fliper" and he is a proud graduate of Dope Boi University. Braw has quite the arsenal at his disposal as you will soon see. He lacks focus in the area of gun safety, but what the heck. The residents of Sanford can always hope he has an accidental discharge and puts himself down. Braw and his pals also don't mind waving these weapons around in public.

Braw also claims the Bloods as his gang.

What's in that baggie you have stuck in your mouth, Braw?

Oh look at that. Now the baggie full of white powder is in his lap.

Thanks, Braw. That was fun.

"Denzel Burke" likes to advertise on his Facebook page how much dope he has for sale. He also puts up a lot of pictures trying to increase his clientele and show off his profits. He obviously believes in advertising the tools he has handy to protect his product and profits. He seemed kind of desperate, so we decided to give him a national venue with our free advertising program. Heck, we bet he will be setting up a Fed Ex account in no time to handle the shipping.

Do not look at laser with remaining eye! Hehe! Sorry, couldn't resist.

Denzel likes the Bloods so much he tastes his flag frequently.

Wow, we haven't seen pants like that since the early '70's. Very retro of you Denzel!

"Jamar Sad" is on a few friends lists down there in Sanford. He claims to hail from Rochester, NY. We decided to include him here because of his connections to Sanford. Hell, let's be honest. We decided to include him because we don't want to be accused of being yankist (yankee haters). We like people north of the Mason-Dixon as much as we like people south of it. Suck on that yank-baiters - we just fired a pre-emptive strike against your dubious claims!

We decided to include this next fellow because he actually managed to teach us something. We always thought Moses parted the Red Sea during the Exodus. "Jimbo Hitsquad" corrected that misconception and let us know that mosses actually did that. Who would have thought bryophytes could have achieved that. I guess they are going to have re-write every religious text on the planet now. That is going to be a bitch, but that's just how Jimbo rolls.

Jimbo also claims to be from Rochester, NY. Must be a popular dream destination for thugs in Sanford.

We were hoping Jimbo could fill us in on the 'money in the mouth' and the 'ghetto squat' thing we frequently see in thug photos, but so far we have not received a response to our inquiry.

"Zandrian Brown" is seen is photos with Yahaziel Israel, who we profiled here. So some of these photos may seem familiar to regular readers of Charleston Thug Life.

Surrounded by tomes of knowledge aching to achieve their given mission of filling a young skull full of mush with intelligence and insight and all his tiny mind can think to do is act like an arthritic idiot. Hey, somebody had to say it.

And, just in case any readers want to inform the local authorities about their thugs being featured on this site:

Contact information for the Sanford Police Department:

Contact information for the Seminole County Sheriff's Department:

So, there you have it dear readers. Our first offering from Sanford, Florida. Our searches today were like tossing a baited line into a backyard swimming pool filled with hungry bass. We encourage you to do your own research and root out a few more. It's fun!

Heck, since it costs so much to go out these days we have even come up with the idea of 'thug hunting' parties. Invite a few friends, sit around a fire pit, crack a brew and fire up the laptops and Ipads. See how many you can come up with. We guarantee a good time will be had by all!!!