Saturday, May 5, 2012

More Georgia Inmates

Meet "Moonk G Henley", an inmate at Smith State Prison. His actual name is Deonte Marques Henley and he is doing time for motor vehicle theft and possession and distribution of cocaine. He has had his prison Facebook account for quite some time. Henley likes to post about prison routine, shitting on people when he gets out and getting high behind bars. He even posted a picture of himself smoking a blunt.

Up next is a fellow who goes by the name "Montrell Mallard" on Facebook. We believe his actual name is John Mallard and he is serving time for two counts of armed robbery and one count each of burglary and murder. He has also had a Facebook page for a long time and posted just a couple of hours before we captured the information from his profile. Note he also puts up a picture of himself getting high in prison.

"Monyea Daprince", real name Monyea Lovirous Hayes, is also serving time at Calhoun State Prison on convictions for robbery and burglary. He posts quite frequently.

"Moses Lewis, Jr." says he doesn't do Facebook. True. He doesn't post much on his wall, but he approves new friends like crazy. He also likes to post pictures. We like the ones where he's holding hundred dollar bills. Sure hope he sanitized that currency. Based on recent news stories we all know it was probably smuggled in to Hancock State Prison in someone's ass.

Lewis is doing time on convictions for six counts of aggravated assault and thirty (30) counts of robbery by force. We weren't sure if he got eight years on each of the charges or eight years total. Then we noticed he has been in prison since 2009 and his max-out date is 2016. I guess that answers the question. Some judge without a conscience wants this guy back on the streets of the Peach State.

Note the references to "piru" and the red bandanna, along with the burning of the blue bandanna. All gang related.

That's all the inmates for tonight, folks. We have a few more we are working to identify.