Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kentrell Varner - Lee Correctional

Meet "Dammie Varner", another inmate at Lee Correctional Institution. His real name is Kentrell Varner and he is doing an eighteen year bit for armed robbery out of Richland County.

In January of 2003 Varner was arrested for Fraudulently Obtaining Prescription Drugs. The charge was dismissed later that year.

On 5 April, 2003 he was charged with Armed Robbery, Identity Fraud, Forgery Less Than $5,000 and Crimes Against a Federally Insured Financial Institution. He pled guilty a lesser charge of strong arm robbery, identity fraud and forgery. The other charge was dismissed. Varner was sentenced to a total of twenty-two years (concurrent) suspended on service of two years probation. Sweet deal, huh?

On 16 December, 2005 he was arrested for the Armed Robbery charge. For some insane reason Judge Goode set the eighteen year sentence to run concurrent with the remainder of the sentence from the above charges. Are all judges this incompetent? We are starting to think so.

Dem Damn Draytons

Justin and Montreal Drayton have been been arrested and charged with shooting a fellow thug in the gut in the Liberty Park neighborhood of North Charleston.

Montreal has no adult record we could find. Justin has a conviction for Disorderly Conduct.

"Justin Drayton" had to set up a new Facebook page because his babymomma was posting nasty things to his old one.

Justin Drayton
Montreal Drayton

Andre Manigault

"Andre Manigault" assumed room temperature in the Forest Hills II neighborhood of North Charleston as the result of gunfire early Saturday morning. An as yet unnamed companion was wounded. Manigault was found Dead Right There in the roadway near Purcell Drive and Oldridge Road.

He had ties to Mt. Pleasant as well as the Ferndale and Forest Hills areas of North Charleston. Manigault has prior arrests for a number of serious felonies and we question why he was still running the streets of our community in the first place.

In June of 2006 Manigault was charged with a probation violation. This tells us he was on probation for an offense committed when he was a juvenile. As usual, there is no status on the offense.

Manigault didn't do too much time on the probation violation. He was arrested in August of 2006 and charged with 2nd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct With a Minor age 11 to 14. The charge was dismissed in March of 2007 because the young victim would not cooperate with the prosecution. The kid was either in love or scared to death - we don't know.

In July of 2007 Manigault was charged with 2nd Degree Burglary. It took three years, but he ultimately entered a guilty plea and was sentenced to three years in prison.

While he was out on the bond for the above burglary he was charged with Armed Robbery and Assault & Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature on 6 March, 2008.

While out on the absurdly low bond of $10,000 for the two charges above Manigault was charged with another count of 2nd Degree Burglary on 17 June, 2008.

These last four charges were dismissed on the same day Manigault pled guilty to the first burglary charge. We have to ask - does it make sense to anyone reading this for a solicitor and judge to agree to dismiss four serious felony charges in exchange for a guilty plea on one?

Manigault was having a beef with a former girlfriend on Facebook. We don't know if it's related, but it could be a consideration.

Apparently some folks have been making noise about Ladieja having something to do with Manigault's murder as evidenced by this post on her wall.

And, in memory of Andre Manigault, thug to bloody end.

Thanks to an alert reader for pointing out this punny shirt. We had to go back and grab it.

Christopher Brown - Evans Correctional

We found "Christopher Smoothblack Brown" posting to his Facebook account from Evans Correctional Institution. His real name is Christopher Ron Mashaw Brown. He is in prison on an armed Robbery conviction. We found the records at the Richland County 5th Judicial Circuit search site. Under the sentencing tab it was noted that this ten year sentence was to run concurrently with another sentence. Unfortunately there are a lot of Christopher Browns in Richland County and we don't have the time to check each and every one to see what else he is doing time for.

Searching the SCDC site for Christopher Brown revealed a serious deficiency. We don't know which fly-by-night company SCDC hired to set up the search site, but when you search for the term "Christopher Brown" you don't get any hits, leading the uninformed to believe there is no one by that name currently incarcerated in any South Carolina facility. Even their own data entry software for keeping track of inmates appears to have problems. Note how the inmate's name is truncated in the image below: Brown, Christophe.

Someone in state government and someone at SCDC need to look into this problem. There is an old computer adage that goes, "Garbage in, garbage out". What it means is if your data entry or storage capabilities are crap, your data and subsequent attempts to retrieve that data will also be crap. The software SCDC is using appears to be crap.

Note the comments from "Natina Dawife Haymon". Her brother "Pnut" was incarcerated at Evens Correctional and she was trying to get a message to him. He is her brother. Pnut Robinson had two Facebook pages while he was in prison. One was his own and the other was set up for him by Natina. Pnut was release on May 7th, so we can't search the SCDC site to get his real name.

While this might all seem to be rather benign it does give us a graphic demonstration of how cell phones and unfettered internet access by inmates can be used to coordinate a variety of activities - inside prison as well as outside.

Interesting news report there, Christopher. You sure he didn't get his head split over "ding dongs" instead?  Sorry folks, couldn't resist.

Dennis L. Richardson - Lee Correctional

"Dennis Richardson" is an inmate at Lee Correctional Institution. He is serving a couple of eighteen year sentences, concurrently, of course. Damn ridiculous judges. Richardson was convicted in Richland County and hails from Columbia, SC.

Dennis seems a little confused about his sexuality on his Facebook profile. We guess prison will do that to you. He apparently went into a cell and came out of the closet.

Richardson was arrested on 20 June, 2007 and charged with Attempted Armed Robbery, Kidnapping, Carjacking and 1st Degree Burglary. Richardson pled guilty to all charges. He was sentenced to a total of seventy-two years, but Judge Childs set all of those eighteen year sentences to run concurrently.