Saturday, May 19, 2012

Octavia "Rypp" Scott & Desmond "Busta" Brown

Octavia Jnene Scott and Desmond Dontray Brown were found Dead Right There on 11 May, 2012 near a wrecked car in Hardeeville. Authorities determined both had been shot to death. We initially looked at the Facebook page of Octavia Scott, put her in the 'to do' list and moved on to more pressing cases.

This afternoon a reader turned citizen researcher notified us that some curious things have been quietly removed from that page. We decided to present the page as it was before the deletions, but we will cover the criminal history of Scott first. That criminal history spans Beaufort and Jasper counties.

Her first arrest came in 2006 and was for Driving Under Suspension. She was tried in her absence and sentenced to a fine or jail time.

In 2007 she was charged with Disturbing Schools. Scott was involved in a large fight at Hilton Head High School. Read about it here. The charge was left pending for four years until the 14th Circuit Solicitor decided not to prosecute in 2011.

In 2008 Scott was charged with two counts Breach of Trust (theft). One charge was for less $1000, the other for more than $1000. She was also charged with Assault & Battery With Intent to Kill. The charge dealing with less than $1000 was handled in a magistrate court and Scott was found guilty. She was sentenced to a fine or jail time. The 14th Circuit Solicitor let the other two charges pend until 2011. The solicitor chose to drop these charges at the same time the charges mentioned above were dropped.

Read about the ABWIK charge here.

In 2009 Scott was charged with Giving False Information to Law Enforcement. She didn't bother to show up in court and was tried in her absence. She was sentenced to a fine or jail time.

In January of 2011 Scott was charged once again with Giving False Information to Law Enforcement. There is no disposition.

In May of 2011 she was charged with Shoplifting. She was found guilty in a bench trial and sentenced to time served.

In March of 2012 Scott was charged with Forgery. As you can, the solicitor dropped the charge because Scott is now deceased.

Now let's look at what someone felt the need to delete from her Facebook page at "Octavia Rypp Scott".

We wonder what Octavia was into that would make her wonder if she was cut out for it? This post has been erased from the profile.

We know from her arrest record Octavia was a liar, a thief and didn't mind being involved in gun play. What else might she have been involved in that allowed her to get paid on Fridays, despite not having a job? Hmmmm.....

The text on that courtroom photo says, "Fuck Da Judge & Da Folk".  Isn't that nice?

Let's move on to Octavia's partner in death, Desmond Dontray Brown, who goes by the name "Busta Brown" on Facebook. The Island Packet informs us that at the time of his death Brown was wanted on a stalking charge. He had been harassing an ex-girlfriend and sending her pictures of a gun and threatening to kill her. We wonder if it was this picture.

Here are some other photos of the fellow who could only feel like a man when he was terrorizing a woman.

Smoke dat purp, Desmond!

I can't even spell arthritis, but I has it!

Desmond's wall posts tell a story we can verify later using his arrest record.


You "white bitches" who hang around with black people have now been officially warned. Take heed.

Too bad Desmond is Dead Right There. He could have benefited from our welfare advertising program. We are chagrined we didn't find him sooner.

Here's an idea folks. If you know a thug, instead of telling them happy birthday on Facebook, just tell them goodbye and get it over with.

Desmond had quite an arrest record. He was arrested in November of 2005 and charged with Manufacturing/Distribution of Crack Cocaine and Possession of a Stolen Vehicle. Both charges were dismissed by the 14th Circuit Solicitor a year later.

While out on bond on the above charges he was arrested a month later for Manufacture/Distribution of Crack Cocaine. He pled guilty in 2006 and was sentenced to three years in prison.

Immediately after being released from prison Desmond was arrested again for Possession of Cocaine Base (crack). This charge has been pending for four years. Desmond's death finally took care of it.

In November of 2008 Desmond was charged with three counts of Possession of Cocaine Base (crack). Two of the charges were dropped by the 14th Circuit Solicitor four months later. The remaining charge was still pending when he was killed.

In June of 2009 Desmond was charged with three counts of simple assault. He was found guilty of all three and sentenced to fines or time in jail.

In 2010 Desmond was charged with Giving False Information to Law Enforcement. He pled guilty and was sentenced to time served.

All of the above charges were from Jasper County. Desmond was arrested in 2011 in Beaufort County. In May he was charged with Discharging a Weapon Into a Vehicle, Burglary 1st Degree and Possession of Cocaine Base (crack). The charge of shooting into a vehicle and the burglary charge were dismissed. Desmond pled guilty to the drug charge and was sentenced ninety days and credited with ninety days time served.

In August of 2011 Desmond was arrested for Criminal Domestic Violence of a High and Aggravated Nature and Unlawful Possession of a Weapon. The CDVHAN charge was dismissed. Desmond pled guilty to the weapons charge and was sentenced to three years, suspended for eighteen months probation by Judge Markley Dennis, Jr.

Does anyone else out there feel like this Desmond character got away with a lot bad acts? All of this violent stuff in his record and he only served three years. Sheesh!

Now, based on the evidence we have seen here, is there a better than decent chance these two were involved in something illegal when the caught a deadly case of lead poisoning? We think so.

We have also determined that the 14th Circuit Solicitor's Office is an embarrassing mess. Remember that when it comes time to vote, folks.

Study the Mentality - Part IV

The thirty-three year in this story needs a break from paying child support - for his thirty, that's 30, kids. Hey, he's only making minimum wage, which means those kids get like $1.49 each for their support. That's way too much. Come on now, he knows there are taxpayers out there who will foot the bill. You don't mind, do you?

Fort Worth, Texas

You folks have GOT to see this video out of Fort Worth, Texas. A reader sent us the link and we felt everyone should see it. The behavior displayed by the defendant when he was sentenced is indicative of what we have heard from police officers and solicitors who contact us regarding the subject of this blog - the thug behavior.

There are two other things we noticed. The first - when the defendant's family is leaving the courtroom one of the family members flashes an accusatory stare at the family of the murdered kid. That takes some balls and someone should have slapped the shit out of her. The second - listen to the aunt blame the justice system for the behavior of her murderous thug nephew. Once again, we see the reality in the black community that says you don't have to be responsible for the children you spew forth.

Here is the story and the video.

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Way It Should Be Done

The screen capture below is taken from the website of WSAV in Savannah. This is the type of thing we would like to see from the media in the Charleston area.

Note the links to the suspect's arrest records. We have to capture each record individually from the county sites, but the media actually has easier access to this information. We would be curious to know how much extra time it took for those at WSAV to obtain this information and post it. Five minutes? Fifteen? No matter. The folks at WSAV are to be commended for making the effort to fully inform their viewers.

Now, to be fair, we have noticed some of the local television news folks actually referencing prior arrests on a few stories - very few. Could it be that Charleston Thug Life is driving the news again, like we did on the inmate contraband issue? Maybe. We really don't care who gets credit for the change as long as things get changed. In our world view, the failure of the media to report that information only shortchanges you, the consumers of their product. If the product is inferior will you abandon it? If so, let them know.

Eric A. Wigfall **CAPTURED**

Charleston Police are searching for twenty-two year old Eric A. Wigfall in reference to a shooting in West Ashley. Eric is no stranger to firearms and assault charges.

In February of 2007 Wigfall was charged with Pointing & Presenting a Firearm, Assault & Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature and Possession of a Weapon During a Crime of Violence. The pointing and presenting was dismissed by the solicitor. The charge of weapon possession was dismissed at the preliminary hearing with a notation that there was no probable cause. Wigfall pled guilty to the ABHAN charge and was sentenced under the Youthful Offenders Act to a term not to exceed six years, suspended on three years of probation.

While out on bond on the above charges Wigfall was charged with Possession of a Weapon During a Crime of Violence and Armed Robbery. Both charges were dismissed because the victim was so afraid of Wigfall he moved out of state and refused to cooperate with the prosecution.

Five years have passed, but it appears nothing has changed.