Saturday, July 7, 2012

David Robert Jenkins - 00289283 - Lieber Correctional

Let us introduce you to "Nap ThugOut", real name David Robert Jenkins. He was convicted in 2002 of killing Hilario Arias in the parking lost of the Hot Spot on Remount Road in North Charleston in 2001. Jenkins was sentenced to forty years with no chance of parole. His cell phone, internet and contact with all his thug pals via text messages and Facebook help him pass the time.

Friday, July 6, 2012


The story hit the news a little while ago. Sgt. Bullard of the North Charleston Police Department actually shot himself in the early morning hours of July 4th, 2012. We were automatically suspicious because no real description of a suspect was issued, but we refrained from discussing the case. The comment sections of the local media sites are now going crazy with citizens calling the officer everything but a child of God. Justifiable outrage? Maybe. Knee-jerk reaction? Maybe.

Immediately after the incident we were informed by our local media of all the good work done by Sgt. Bullard in his fifteen years of service, including his years of work with juvenile victims of sexual assault and child abuse, juvenile suspects and organizations supporting victim's rights. The media reported on the commendations he received from organizations representing those victims, noting he even devoted his off-time to assisting those who needed it.

Will Sgt. Bullard lose his job? Definitely. Will he be charged with a criminal offense? Possibly. We expect the local media to go after his head. They do love a scandal when the party involved is not one who falls under their protection. What concerns us is the thirst for blood exhibited by the public.

So, what could drive a person with an exemplary career to do something so out of context with the character previously exhibited? We don't know, but we can venture a guess. We are not excusing Bullard for what happened. We are simply presenting facts you won't hear from the talking heads.

Police officers in the South are not often paid on par with those in other areas. We firmly believe most of those in law enforcement in the Lowcountry are highly dedicated and go into the profession in spite of that drawback so they can serve their community. If a department allows it, many officers take on additional details, sometimes referred to as 'off-duty security'. The officer who fired a shot at an armed suspect in a convenience store on Dorchester Road a few weeks ago was working one of those details. Officers who have families to support will take any chance to do what they love and make a few extra dollars.

The law enforcement field is hard enough on families. Read through the pages of Charleston Thug Life and you get an idea of what these officers are dealing with during a typical shift. If the things we bring to light here frustrate the average citizen, we have to take a moment to imagine how police officers feel when they have worked hard, jailed a violent criminal and have to watch as a solicitor or a judge sets them again. Bullard's specialty was crime against children. Even worse.

Officers work long hours, see things we can't imagine and spend considerable time away from home and family. They are told they shouldn't take any work related issues home with them. They are told to make sure problems at home don't affect them at work. We think those are impossible goals.

When we factor in forty hours in a normal work week, another twenty hours of off-duty jobs, time spent in court and probably a variety of other drains on the limited hours in a week we begin to see issues. A person can only miss so many anniversaries, birthdays, baseball games and school functions before some modicum of resentment sinks in among other family members. Just ask a military family about that.

All of this takes place in a culture where the individual officer is supposed to be 'tough'. It takes place in departments who only provide nominal mental health counseling to employees - just enough to limit the liability of the department should anything untoward happen. It takes place in departments whose main source of mental health services is nothing more than an on-call volunteer chaplain.

We aren't claiming any of these factors are in play in the case of Sgt. Bullard. We don't know him and we don't know anything about his situation, but we think the public should at least consider the possibility before throwing him to the wolves. Maybe further investigation will prove him to be the complete opposite, but until additional information comes to light we will give him the benefit of the doubt. We can still agree the act was costly and wrong, but we won't string him from the gallows until we try to understand the 'why' behind the act.

Folly Brawl

The four mopes above were arrested as a result of the brawl on Folly Beach on July 4th. Click over to WCSC to read the story.

None of them have any criminal history in Charleston. One is from Tennessee, one is from Georgia, one is from elsewhere in South Carolina and one lives downtown.

Underage drinkers who can't handle the alcohol and heat.

Cedric Latron Miller

Let's review the violent criminal history of Cedric Latron Miller. This examination will give you further insight into how our court system and our judges manufacture a dangerous predator. First, the latest arrest.

While the majority of the Lowcountry was celebrating our uniquely American freedoms on the Fourth of July, Cedric Latron Miller was celebrating his freedom from fear that our courts would ever sentence him to any real prison time. Miller robbed the Cricket Wireless store on Bacons Bridge Road, threatening the clerk with a knife. A DCSO deputy who was responding to the incident spotted Miller who fled on foot. The deputy pursued.

According to a citizen identified only as Ronald, Miller appeared to be faster than the deputy. Ronald decided to 'STAND UP'. He pulled up to the deputy and told him to jump in the bed of the truck. Once the deputy was safely ensconced Ronald gunned his truck in hot pursuit. He followed Miller until the maggot was worn out and decided to hide in a storage shed. The deputy bailed out of the truck and took Miller down at gunpoint. Unfortunately Miller had already dropped his weapon or we could be gleefully reporting a Dead Right There situation. Authorities recovered the weapon and the stolen cash.

We commend Ronald for stepping up and doing the right thing. Now let's hope the courts do the same thing.

Here is a posting on an escort site which gives us an indication of Miller's character.

Miller started his adult criminal history with an armed robbery in Colleton County in 1999. His Armed Robbery and Kidnapping charges were dismissed at the preliminary hearing.

In 2000 Miller was charged with Simple Possession of Marijuana. He was found guilty.

2001 brought the first of several Criminal Domestic Violence charges. Miller was found not guilty by Judge Wood.

In 2002 Miller was charged with Criminal Domestic Violence, Resisting Arrest and Disturbing the Peace. He was found guilty and sentenced to the thirty days he had already served.

While Miller was in the Colleton County Jail awaiting trial he was charged with Threatening the Life of a Public Employee and Assault on a Correctional Facility Employee. He was sentenced to eighty-two days time served on the threat. The assault charge was sent to another court. There is no disposition listed.

In 2003 Miller moved to Summerville. He was charged with Resisting Arrest and Criminal Domestic Violence of a High and Aggravated Nature. He pled guilty to both charges before Judge Deadra Jefferson.

Miller was sentenced to one year, suspended in favor of time served and one year of probation on the resisting arrest. For the CDVHAN he was sentenced to five years, suspended in favor of two years probation.

We are sure his victim was very happy with the sentence.

Miller took that sentence so seriously he went back to Colleton County the next day and was charged with three counts of 2nd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct With a Minor Under 16. The CSC charges were dismissed by the 14th Circuit Solicitor on 1 September, 2004.

The 14th Circuit Solicitor allowed Miller to plead guilty to a reduced charged of Assault & Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature before Judge John Few. The judge chose to ignore the sentence and the conviction Miller received the DAY BEFORE he committed these crimes and sentenced Miller to seven years, suspended on the six months he served awaiting trial and five years of probation.

We are sure the victim was happy with the sentence.

In October of 2005 Miller was back in Summerville. He was charged with Criminal Domestic Violence of a High and Aggravated Nature.

The following month he was charged with Assault & Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature.

In March of 2006 he pled guilty to both charges before Judge Lee Alford. Miller was given the same sentence on both charges with the sentences set to run concurrently. He was sentenced to a term of ten years, suspended on the service of five years and five years probation. His probation was also revoked for four months.

Not to long after being released from prison Miller was charged with Possession of Narcotics in August of 2009. He pled guilty in January of 2010 before Judge Diane Goodstein. He was sentenced to four months which would run concurrent with a probation revocation.

In October of 2011 Miller charged with 1st Offense Possession of Marijuana in Charleston County. Judge Koontz found him not guilty.

There you have it folks. Keep watching this case to see what he gets away with this time.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kirk Charles Campbell - Valdosta State Prison - GDOC

"Kirk Cambell" of Valdosta State Prison seems to be in the early stages of setting up his Facebook account. Or maybe the folks at GDOC snagged his phone before he could get too far. Either way, here he is.

Darius Lenard Brooks - Coffee Correctional Facility - GDOC

Meet "Darius Blooded", real name Darius Lenard Brooks. He is serving time for a forgery conviction at Coffee Correctional Facility. Facebook makes the time go by quicker.

Like most of the other mental incarcerated in our prisons he claims affiliation with a gang - Piru Bloods.

Derrick Rashawn Miller - Georgia State Prison - GDOC

"Derrick Stillaintlearnedmylesson Miller" hails from Georgia State Prison where he is serving a twenty year sentence for armed robbery. His full name is Derrick Rashawn Miller and his chosen Facebook moniker says all we need to know about him.

Some citizens might find the next image rather disturbing, but Miller is rather gleeful about it. Depending on the circumstances we are sure GDOC can use this photo as evidence.