Saturday, July 21, 2012

Johns Island Crips

Before we get started on the Crips we though some of our readers might find THIS informative.

Our next gang profile is a group who claim they are Rollin' 60's Crips (RSC). If you drive around certain parts of Johns Island you can see the number "60" spray painted just about everywhere. We find it ironic that "Crip" is said to stand for "Community Revolution in Progress".

The first member up for a feature is "Levi Cohen", aka "Levi Lo Key Cohen", full name Levi Levante Kajana Cohen IV. He used the address 1623 Yost Lane when he was arrested on May 3rd for two counts of 1st Degree Assault and Battery. His bond was set by Judge Lombard at $50,000 on each charge. Bond was posted on May 17th.

We find it interesting that Crip gang member Levi Cohen lives just one or two doors down the street from Blood gang member Jeremiah Pinckney who was profiled in our Johns Island Bloods post.

Levi hasn't posted on either of these profiles since he was arrested. Here are some messages posted to his wall by friends while he was locked up.

"Solo Dreadhead Down" wanted to free his nigga Levi as wells as his nigga Damien Lee Rivers. Damien and a co-defendant were charged with kidnapping and robbing a Maryland drug dealer in Charleston back in April. Back to Solo in a few.

We haven't identified Solo Dreadhead Down's actual name yet, but his Facebook page is very revealing when it comes to his Crip association.

This is probably the most ironic photo we have seen on Facebook to date. The building behind this crew flashing their cash is, in fact, the DSS building on Rivers Avenue near Cosgrove Avenue in North Charleston.

Solo has his Hi-Point and his blue Crip flag on display.

From Solo's comments one could infer he has a bit of experience in the home invasion field.

Gotta do the ghetto squat. Can't be a real nigga without it!

"Juice Pinckney" is another Johns Island Crip. His real name Jazreel Pinckney. We don't know if Jazreel is related to Johns Island Blood Jeremiah Pinckney. Jazreel claims to be a chef at California Dreaming.

Who look better? Jazreel or Marquise Graham?

Jazreel was arrested in 2010 for Possession of a Sawed Off Shotgun. The 9th Circuit Solicitor chose to dismiss the charge even though the Grand Jury indicted him. He used 1728 Walpool as his address on this arrest.

Jazreel was arrested in May of this year with fellow gang member Levi Cohen and charged with two counts of 1st Degree Assault and Battery. His charges were dismissed by Judge Gosnell at the preliminary hearing.

When he was arrested on these charges Jazreel used the address of 3567 Dunmovin Drive. Remember our Bloods post where we mentioned there were plenty more ass-clowns hanging out on Dunmovin?

Also arrested with Levi and Jazreel on the same 1st Degree Assault and Battery charges was "Ladell Froster". We don't when he changed his Facebook name, but it was originally "Ladellonmymoneyshit Froster". When he was arrested he used the address of 662 Main Road.

We wonder if Ladell still has the job he mentioned here, three days before he was arrested. Vivien spoke too soon.

Ladell's bond was also set at $50,000 on each charge. He managed to come up enough to bond out on 12 May.

The final Crip we will profile tonight is "Marquise Graham". We couldn't find an adult arrest history for him at the Charleston County site.

Ah, the money in the mouth. About as common as the ghetto squat pose. Extra points for a ghetto squat with money in the mouth.

That has to be some ugly tasting stuff.

Uneven parallel ghetto squat. While throwing up fours. And wearing the Crip colors and flag. Extra points.

Gang tattoos.

Apparently Marquise was offended that someone thought he wasn't a real nigga and felt he had to defend his reputation with a fine example of wordiness.

As with the Bloods group we profiled previously, there are plenty more of these Crip thugs out there. Take note of colors worn, the way they write, visible tattoos, etc.

Someone might want to call Mack, Gilliard and Limehouse and tell them there at least TWO gangs in Charleston. Sheesh!