Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lance Perry - 00324695 - Lee Correctional

Lance Perry is yet another Lee Correctional inmate spending his time behind bars posting to his Thugbook account. He tried to hide from our citizen researchers by using the name "Anthony Jones (Dupeboi)". Unfortunately for him his intelligence level won't allow him to dupe anyone. We suspect he simply misspelled "dopeboi".

Perry is up for parole in December on his ten year sentence for burglary out of York County. He hopes to return the streets of Reevesville in Dorchester County.

Lee Correctional has a H-U-G-E contraband problem.

Perry claims he is a Crip gang member. That's why wishes people happy "C day". Remember, Crips don't use the letter "b".

Better get used to it, Lance. We have a feeling you will be going back.

Jcorey Suave Hull-Kilgore - 00340853 - Lee Correctional

Let us introduce you another inmate at Lee Correctional Institution. His given name is Jcorey Suave Hull-Kilgore. He uses the name "Cocainetwofaceonetear Hull" on Thugbook. He let's us know he wishes to be known as "Cocaine" now instead of Corey. This idiot is doing a life sentence for a murder charge out of Spartanburg County.

Another real nigga. You know, every once in a while we receive emails from decent black folks who are fed up with all of this thug shit. The problem is, those decent folks are still trapped by the dogma that has surrounded them for most of their lives. They assume we are caucasian and, based on that assumption, tell us we shouldn't perpetuate the use of the word "nigga". As we have seen repeatedly, the black community, or more specifically the black thug community, has bastardized the word most blacks hate into a term of endearment and assigned it a certain amount of respect within that community.

Remember this folks: words can't hurt you. Thugs can. And will.

High schools have sold their souls in the interest of having a winning team. This isn't the first thug we have profiled who was on a high school basketball or football team. Ever notice there aren't too many thugs who played baseball? Hmmmm.

 Corey wants to change his name.

Hull knows the C.O.'s might find his phone. He also learned that fellow thugs don't give a damn about you after get sent to prison. Poor fella.

We are pretty sure he won't have too much trouble finding weed behind the walls of Lee Correctional.

Ladarriuse Anthony Gaither - 00339064 - Lee Correctional

Here is yet another inmate at the contraband infested Lee Correctional Institution. Ladarriuse Anthony Gaither is doing a fifteen year sentence for assault & battery with intent to kill out of York County. You can find him on Thugbook under the name "Lado Too Real Gaither".

Friday, July 27, 2012

Quinton Dewayne Wright

With the way gas prices have been killing us for the past three years we can all sympathize with Quinton Dewayne Wright stealing $1,000 in diesel fuel from one of those evil oil companies. Right?

Have a gander at Quinton's arrest record in Charleston County. Way to much for us to sort through, but feel free. You have to wonder why he's still walking around free.