Saturday, August 4, 2012

Danielle Quayshon Branton

Yes, his mother traumatized him with a woman's name and a made up name. Still not a good enough reason to feel sorry for him. He went from dealing drugs to robbing people at gunpoint. And at Fairmont Trailer Park off of Remount Road, no less. You might get a few hundred dollars if you lucked up and found an illegal Mexican who hadn't heard that Bank of America is more than happy to facilitate their violation of federal law by providing them with bank accounts, checking accounts and credit cards.

Danielle "GirlyMan" Quayshon Branton

Branton was first arrested as an adult last year.

2011 Charges:

Distribution of Crack, three counts of Manufacture/Distribution of Crack.

Branton must have had a craptastic attorney. He pled guilty to all the charges. Judge Stephanie Mcdonald gave him a break on the sentencing, though.

She sentenced him to time served on the three manufacturing charges. On the other distribution charge she sentenced Branton under the YOA to a term not to exceed ZERO to six years with the balance suspended for five years. There is no mention of probation.

So, was this one of those "if you get in trouble again the sentence re-activates" types of things? Or did Judge Mcdonald just let Branton go with no consquences at all?

Akeem Marion - 00320538 - Ridgeland Correctional

"Akeem Marion" didn't even try to conceal his Thugbook profile. He seems to have lost his phone sometime around September 2011, but he has another one now. So close to getting out and he still couldn't resist breaking the law and prison regulations. He will be released in August or September.

The SCDC site shows he is serving time at Ridgeland Correctional Institution for involuntary manslaughter. As we will see below, he was actually on probation for that offense when he was violated a couple of times.

Marion shot and killed Norbett Williams in 2005.

Maybe we should show you exactly what is being released to once again prey on the citizens of the Lowcountry.

2004 Charges:

Possession of Cocaine, PWID Crack Proximity of a School.

Pled guilty to the cocaine charge on 7 December, 2005 before Judge Thomas Hughston. As usual, Hughston sentenced Marion to two years, suspended on three months of time served and the remainder on probation.

The 9th Circuit Solicitor dismissed the proximity charge.

2005 Charges:

Murder, Unlawful Possession of a Pistol.

Before we talk about the sweet plea deal he got from the 9th Circuit Solicitor we have to ask which bond judge he was related to. Here in the Lowcountry we are accustomed to seeing some ridiculous bonds, but a PERSONAL RECOGNIZANCE bond on the charge of murder? Shocking!

The record indicates these charges went before Judge Hughston a month before the above charges. We believe that is a type and all charges were handled together on the same court date.

The 9th Circuit Solicitor allowed Marion to plead the murder charge down to involuntary manslaughter. Judge Hughston, as usual, sentenced Marion to five years, suspended on five months time served and the remainder on probation.

On the weapon charge Judge Hughston gave him time served - five months.

So, the lesson here is: Shoot someone dead - get a PR bond, then a sweet plea deal and probation. What does a thug have to worry about? Nothing at all when it comes to our court system.

2006 Charges:

Probation Violation (no status listed), PWID Marijuana, PWID Marijuana Near a School.

The 9th Circuit Solicitor remanded the PWID charge to city court and dismissed the school charge.

2008 Charges:

Possession of Cocaine, 2nd Offense Possession of Crack, PWID Cocaine in Proximity of a School.

These charges were allowed to pend until January of 2010. Judge Kristi Harrington took the guilty plea. She sentenced Marion to three years on the cocaine charge, five years on the crack charge and the 9th Circuit Solicitor dismissed the school charge - as usual.

We wonder why officers are still wasting time doing the paperwork on the school proximity charges. Scarlett Wilson has all but told you she won't prosecute the cases.

2009 Charges:

Assault & Battery With Intent to Kill, Possession of Crack, PWID Crack Near a School and two probation violations.

The 9th Circuit Solicitor dismissed the ABWIK charge and, of course, the school charge. After all, it isn't like he has a history of killing people or anything.

Judge Harrington sentenced him to three years on the crack charge.

Good news, Charleston residents. He's coming him in less than a month!!

Randall Lee - 00318172 - Lieber Correctional

One of our citizen researchers first discovered "Nut BarNone"  right about the time Marley Lion was murdered. We put him on hold for a bit. Apparently we profiled one of his buddies who got snatched up by SCDC so Nut locked down his profile. Too bad there are other ways to surf Thugbook that give us enough evidence to prove he was posting to his profile from a cell phone as recently as 22 July, 2012.

Randall Lee is serving a fifteen year sentence for assault & battery with intent to kill out of Charleston County. He is doing his time at Lieber Correctional Institution.

Michael Demario Jackson - 00246661 - Lieber Correctional

Allow us to introduce "Projectking Jackson", real name Michael Demario Jackson. According to his Thugbook profile he is the "head nigga in charge at Real Live Gangstas". Charleston folks will remember him as the loser who beat up his baby momma then set her Romney Street apartment on fire back in January of 2009. He is serving his fifteen year sentence for that offense at Lieber Correctional Institution.

The staff at Lieber has been pretty darn good about taking action on these illegal cell phones. Give them a big hand, folks. We will call out the slackers when needed, but we would prefer to give 'attaboys' to all who deserve them.

Jackson claims he has been in lock-down for assaulting a correctional officer.

Hehe! How can he miss it when he is one? Beating on a woman. Sheesh.