Friday, August 10, 2012

Another Fine Parenting Example

So, what do you do when the blue lights come on behind you and you are a habitual traffic offender, have a substantial quantity of marijuana in the car and have a history of running from the police? Well, you put the pedal to the metal and try to get away. Sure, you can easily out-drive the officer behind you.

Does your situation change when you have your seven year old child in the car? It sure does. Then you can tell your kid to help you out by tossing the weed out the window. Right before you crash and roll your vehicle, ejecting your child and causing her death. Oh well, at least you tried.

Once in custody you try to mitigate the horror of what you have done by telling the cops you are only the child's aunt instead of her mother. As if the cops are going to look at you say, "Oh, well it's okay that you killed her then. Don't sweat the small stuff."

Mother of the Year - Errika Dominique Shelton

Sacrificial Lamb - Queniya Tykia Shelton

Errika Shelton has a number of arrests in the counties of the upstate.

Greenville County 2009:

Failure to stop for blue lights, habitual traffic offender (felony), unlawful possession of a pistol, assaulting a law enforcement officer while resisting arrest, possession of narcotics.

Judge Letitia Verda sentence Shelton to a total of nineteen-and-a-half years, then suspended it all in favor of three years probation.

Spartanburg County 2009:

Forgery, Habitual Traffic Offender (felony) and Malicious Damage (vandalism).

All charges were dismissed by the 7th Circuit Solicitor.

Anderson County 2011:

Habitual Traffic Offender (felony). The charge is still pending.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Exposing the Ignorant - Continuously

Remember our racist friend "Original Cornerstone"? After we spotlighted his threat to CTL he disappeared it as well as all of those photos he had up with his South Carolina tag numbers and African Nationalist flags.

He's back at it again. Sure wish he would learn English. He could also stand to lose his racist tendencies. Once again, a racist black person assumes the staff at CTL is composed of white supremacists. Typical reaction. When you can't refute the facts run the 'racist whites' flag up the pole and see if the enemy will cower. It doesn't work that way anymore.

Question: Can blacks be white supremacists? Kind of sounds like an old Dave Chappelle bit, doesn't it?

Hey, racist - here's the definition of caricature for you since you didn't bother to look it up before using it:

We don't exaggerate anything here. We report facts. Just because the facts make you squirm doesn't mean any exaggeration or distortion occurs. Face facts, bro. Facts will set you free.

We won't even deal with your inaccurate and inappropriate use of the word "impetuously".

Do you want to be respected by most of the folks in the Lowcountry? Type up a note, in your usual semi-literate fashion, telling your 'black brothers' to stop engaging in behavior which requires us to report those facts. Until they can learn to become decent, contributing members of society, Charleston Thug Life will continue to expose their reign of terror over citizens of the state of South Carolina and the Unites States of America. You should be thankful we don't decide to go international with our efforts. Funny thing is, we thought we had profiled quite a few white and hispanic pieces of shit, too. Guess they were just albino black folks. Who knew.

By the way, your boy Farrakhan ordered the killing of your boy Malcolm. We just assumed you didn't know that because it appears you didn't pay attention in English class, thus you probably didn't pay attention in history class either.

Now, take a deep breath and repeat after us - "Some of my people are making the rest of my people look like shit. I need to do something about the "some" in order to enable the whole." Now, get to it.

Aiken Gangbangers

We haven't ventured up into the Aiken, SC area yet, so let's do it now. Thanks to the assistance of a citizen researcher who dug up these ridiculous "gangsters" we can continue to point out the presence of gangs in South Carolina. These morons are all associated with the Lee Correctional prisoner Hankinson profiled below.

Let's start with "Romeo Johnson" who initially used the name "BloodRomeoBadassJohnson" on his Thugbook profile. You have probably already surmised he claims the Bloods as his gang.

Romeo's real name is Devontay Johnson. He doesn't have an adult record yet, but we suspect it won't be long before he does. He claims his brother is Dashawn Travalle Hankinson, an inmate at Lee Correctional. In fact, quite a few of his homies are in prison at the moment.

How many of you don't know even one person in prison?

Real Nigga Shit. Word.

Devontay laments the three year prison term given to Shala Nicole Holmes for trafficking cocaine.

This just goes to show you that South Carolina gang members are a bunch of idiots. He claims the Bloods, but takes a photo with someone flying a Crip flag on his shirt. Try that in L.A. or Oakland and watch the ensuing hilarity.

Who are the "Poliee"?

Are the citizens of Aiken County as well armed? You better be.

It's always nice to read public confessions.

Here's a tip, Devontay. If you are tired of your niggas going away, encourage them to stop committing crimes. See how simple that is?

Justin wants to show he ain't no Facebook gangster and he's going to take Xavier out. Um, except Justin doesn't have a ride just now. Hahaha!

Did you folks know you can't rob a rober? Those robe salesman are apparently pretty tough.

On a serious note, it would appear there was some sort of incident the week prior to 30 March, 2011 and the police were hot and heavy rounding up and questioning these idiots. Devontay is ready for some retaliation as soon as he gets a name.

Had enough of Devontay Johnson? We have. Let's move on.

Our next Aiken thug claims he is part of the Folk Nation gang. He goes by the name "Whodie Bos Hicks" on Thugbook, but his real name is Marquis Devon Hicks. He takes pride in his criminal record.
He doesn't brag quite so much about being on the sex offender list.

When we did a Google search of his name we got a series of his mugshots.

The citizen researcher who dug him up also found some news stories about his crimes.

Story 1
Story 2

Flying their Folks flags.

Nice self-portrait, but we are willing to bet some of those convictions above bar Marquis from possessing that weapon.

One of his armed robbery arrests. Interesting comments.

Gang War!! Read the comments for some insight.

Stop engaging in criminal activity and no one will call the cops on you. See how that works?

Next up is "Jfo Forrest", Jeremy Devaughn Forrest. He claims the Bloods and is on again - off again pals with Devontay Johnson. Forrest has been arrested a few times. Most recently for being involved in a shooting in June of 2011. His conspiracy charge was dropped by the 2nd Circuit Solicitor.

Jeremy was locked up for a shooting in June of 2011.

School days. Encouraging isn't it?

Courtney da cracka tries to dispense some wisdom.

His real nigga from Georgia got locked up for pills and a gun.

Forrest can decided if Devontay is his homie or not.

David Emmunal Forrest is up next. You know, one thing we have learned is that most of these thugs with stupid names can lay the blame directly at the feet of their parents who didn't pay attention in school and can spell worth a damn. David is another Folk gangbanger who has a lot of homies in prison.

David has pending arrest from 2009 for Unlawful Carrying of a Pistol. He is out on a $10,000 bond. Maybe the 2nd Circuit prosecutor will take a look at this and move this case forward.

David tells us how unfortunate we are.

Hmmm....did we mention he has a weapon charge pending?

That's it for now folks. We are short on time. Feel free to continue the research into these clowns on your own. Feel free to let the 2nd Circuit Solicitor know what you saw here.