Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thaddeus James Pokryfka

Thaddeus James Pokryfka was arrested for robbing a Rite-Aid pharmacy on Folly Road and getting way with a large quantity of prescription drugs. He isn't too bright. Thaddeus robbed the pharmacy where he was a frequent customer. He has five Facebook pages, but nothing of significance posted.

Thaddeus has a couple of minor charges like resisting arrest and open container as well as some traffic charges. He has been in General Sessions court a few times and he served time at Johnson State Prison in Georgia.

In 2002 he as charged with Attempting to Obtain a Controlled Substance by Fraud. The 9th Circuit Solicitor dismissed the charge because Thaddeus was serving time in a Georgia prison.

In 2008 he was charged with two counts of Assault & Battery of a High & Aggravated Nature. One was dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor. He pled guilty to the other charge before Judge Thomas Hughston who sentenced him to five years, suspended in favor of two years of probation.

Par for the course for Judge Hughston.

Information obtained from the Georgia Department of Corrections indicates Thaddeus served four years of a ten year sentence for "injury by vehicle". He was apparently involved in a hit and run.

Deante Martez Baptiste

Deante Martez Baptiste, of 4411 Bixby Lane in North Charleston, is another drug dealer arrested by NCPD in their undercover drug operation.

Baptiste has a history of violent criminal behavior. In 2010 he was charged with Assault & Battery With Intent to Kill. The 9th Circuit Solicitor let him plead the case down to Assault & Battery of a High & Aggravated Nature. Judge Roger Young sentenced him to the 525 days he had served in jail awaiting trial.

Baptiste apparently assaulted someone while he was in jail in August of 2011. He was charged with Assault & Battery 3rd Degree. He pled guilty and Judge Young sentenced him to thirty days time served.

Baptiste's latest charges consist of Distribution of Crack and Distribution of Crack Near a School. Some unknown bond judge gave him a $50,000 PERSONAL RECOGNIZANCE bond on one charge and a $25,000 PERSONAL RECOGNIZANCE bond on the other.

All Baptiste had to do was say he would appear in court and he was allowed to walk out of jail.

We find it interesting that the Clerk of Court has been leaving the "set by" field blank lately. Wonder if we had anything to do with that?

Santerrius Montreal King

Santerrius Montreal King of 1909 Robertson Boulevard was arrested by the North Charleston Police Department in an undercover drug operation. King is a member of a rather notorious family of drug dealers.

He was arrested in 2005 on charges of Distribution of Crack and PWID Crack Near a School. We all know the school charge was dropped by the 9th Circuit Solicitor. King was also allowed to plead guilty to the lesser charge of Possession of Crack and Judge Thomas Hughston signed off on the plea deal. He sentenced King under the YOA to term of one to three years, suspended in favor of one year of probation.

In 2008 King was charged with PWID Crack, PWID Crack Near a School and Resisting Arrest. His case went before Judge Deadra Jefferson. King pled guilty to the two crack charges and the 9th Circuit Solicitor dismissed the resisting arrest. Judge Jefferson sentenced King to three years on the PWID charge and five years, suspended in favor of three years probation on the proximity to a school charge.

King racked up quite a few charges on 16 August.

Two counts of Distribution of Crack Near a School ($25,000 bond on each) and two counts Distribution of Crack ($50,000 bond on each).

Of course, we all know two of those charges will be dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor. We wonder if she will plead the other two down to just possession of crack again.

Jaswant Tanear Haskell

We stopped by the Festival Center for a meal break the other day and watched with great glee as officers with the North Charleston Police Department practically dismantled a vehicle in the parking lot. They were t-h-o-r-o-u-g-h. Then we saw a story on Channel 5's website.

This story by Ray Rivera of WCSC is a soup sandwich and an example of shitty reporting, but we were able to put together the fact that a fellow who is supposedly name Jaswant Tanier Haskell was arrested for drugs and a gun after a dispute about a car rental. It seems someone idiot 'rented' Haskell their vehicle. When they followed him to Festival Center at 5101 Ashley Phosphate Road and tried to get it back, Haskell threatened him. The vehicle owner called police and Haskell fled into the "Upscale Barber Shop". A search of the bathroom in the barber shop yielded the keys to the vehicle and an additional ID for Haskell. Most folks don't know it's a criminal offense to have two driver's licenses. A search of the vehicle, last occupied by Haskell, turned up a firearm, crack cocaine, powder cocaine and marijuana.

You won't find these car rentals at a kiosk or at the airport. Police officers refer to these exchanges as 'crack rentals'. The vehicle owner needs some rocks and agrees to turn over his vehicle for the drug dealer to use. The dealer usually doesn't return it and the crackhead reports the vehicle stolen. Too bad Ray Rivera didn't give us the crackhead's name so we could investigate him.

We checked out Jaswant Haskell in the Charleston County database and found him under the name Jaswatt Taneal Haskell. In 2011 he was living at 3336 Plantation Court, apartment 6, in the Pepperhill subdivision. He was arrested in 2010 for Failure to Stop for Blue Lights. He was sentenced to sixty days in jail for the offense by Judge Thomas Hughston.

We found him in the Berkeley County database under the name Jaswant T. Haskell. He was arrested in 2008 for two counts of Failure to Stop for Blue Lights. The 9th Circuit Solicitor dismissed the charges.

His new charges are not up on the Dorchester County database yet, but they don't publish bond information anyway.

Norman Tiashawn Pringle

Norman Tiashawn Pringle, of 2234 Cambridge Avenue in North Charleston, was arrested by the Charleston Police Department and charged with Possession of a Firearm by a Person Convicted of a Violent Felony, Unlawful Carrying of a Firearm and Possession of a Firearm by a Prohibited Person. Judge Lombard set bonds of $50,000 on each of the three charges.

Why is Pringle prohibited from possessing a firearm? He was charged in May of 2011 with armed robbery. In February of 2012 he went before Judge R. Markley Dennis. The 9th Circuit Solicitor let him plead to a lesser charge of strong arm robbery. Judge Dennis sentenced Pringle under the YOA to a term not to exceed six years. That's SIX (6) years.

If Pringle was sentenced to a term of up to six years for robbery back in February, why the hell was he running the streets of Charleston armed with a handgun in August? That's a question you need to ask Judge Dennis, Scarlett Wilson and the South Carolina Department of Corrections.

Oh, Now You Want to Bitch

We were trying to catch up on all the news we don't have time to profile after a tough day at work when we saw this story about a DNR officer charged with hit and run involving a death. Sad news indeed. One person dead and another ruined, but Jeffery Thomas should have shown better judgement.

While reading the comments we found this one, with seven thumbs up no less:

Apparently Ellen and the "thumbs uppers" don't read Charleston Thug Life. The $20,000 bond Judge Baldwin set on this now former law enforcement officer is much higher than she normally sets for the repeat offender thugs we profile here. Try five to ten times higher. Of course, those bonds for serial offenders don't often make the news and Ellen doesn't bother to do the research we do here, so maybe we should forgive her for her ignorance. Nah.

Derrick Lamont Felder

Derrick Lamont Felder, aka "Lil Ducky" was recently charged with burglary. He and a couple of cohorts burglarized a neighborhood convenience store in the Liberty Hill area of North Charleston. The morons were captured when they tried to cash in stolen lottery tickets. The idiots also stole cash, cigarettes and condoms.

Felder has an extensive record in Charleston County, juvenile and adult, and has spent most of his adult life on probation thanks to a chain of solicitors and judges giving him breaks. We will only deal with his General Sessions offenses. If you are interested in all the charges of trespassing, lying to police, etc. you can head over to the search site and look them up.

1993 Charges:

Distribution of Crack Cocaine and Distribution Near a School.

Felder pled guilty to the distribution charge and Judge Victor Rawl (now a Charleston County councilman) sentenced him under the YOA. There is further information listed, but in light of the YOA sentence we can rest assured Felder was placed on probation rather than being sent to prison.

Even in 1993 the 9th Circuit Solicitor's Office was dismissing the proximity to a school charges.

1999 Charges:

Distribution of Cocaine and Distribution of Cocaine Near a School.

Felder pled guilty to both charges one and half years later before Judge Thomas Hughston. He was sentenced to five years, suspended on service of two years and three years probation on each charge. Concurrent, of course.

We know Felder didn't serve more than a few months in prison because he was charged in September of 2002 with a probation violation.

He was charged with another probation violation in October of 2003.

2005 Charges:

Probation violation in July.

Unlawful Possession of Prescription Drugs, Threatening the Life of a Police Officer, Criminal Domestic Violence of a High & Aggravated Nature.

The prescription drug charge was dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor. The CDV charge was dismissed at the preliminary hearing when his victim didn't show up to testify.

Felder pled guilty to threatening the life of a police officer before Judge Hughston. He was sentenced to  one year, suspended on time served and one year of probation.

Can anyone tell us why our judges continually hand out probation sentences to thugs who have repeatedly shown probation doesn't work?

Keep an eye on this sentence when it comes time for sentencing the moron who recently threatened a solicitor and a judge.

2007 Charges:

2nd Degree Burglary, Distribution of Crack, PWID Near a School, Indecent Exposure.

Charges dismissed: Burglary.

Felder pled guilty to the remaining charge on 16 January, 2008 before Judge Hughston. He was sentenced to two years on each of the drug charges and six months on the indecent exposure charge. Concurrent, of course.

We wonder why that indecent exposure conviction didn't land Felder on the sex offender list.

2010 Charges:

Attempted Armed Robbery.

Felder pled guilty in March of 2011 before Judge Deadra Jefferson. She sentenced him to three years, suspended in favor of two years probation.

Hmmm....that doesn't make sense in light of Felder's previous record. Isn't Jefferson up for reconsideration as a judge?

In 2011 Felder was charged again with CDV of a High & Aggravated Nature. The 9th Circuit Solicitor kicked the case down to the magistrate court. There is no disposition listed.

We had been feeling satisfied with Judge Lombard and her bonds of late, but she is back to her old status as Judge Linda "10K" Lombard. She set a $10,000 bond on Felder for the latest burglary charge.