Saturday, September 8, 2012

Quantize Greer - Dead Right There - Ladys Island

News reports out of Beaufort County indicate Quantize Greer was shot at the Taylor Mobile Home Park on Parris Island Gateway. He was found Dead Right There by responding officers. Authorities believe the murder was drug related. Nothing unusual there and the assumption is backed up the criminal histories of those involved.

Side note: We love how the Island Packet runs down the information about police responses to the incident location for the past year. Wouldn't it be nice if the rest of the local news "sources" put out the same information?

BCSO has arrested a serial maggot by the name of Brandon Adron Singleton.

Police are also searching for a second suspect by the name of Walter Travoy Tucker. He also goes by the "hip-hop" name "Oowee". He was released from prison in Florida around 28 February, 2012. He still managed to provide regular updates to his rapper Thugbook page while he was incarcerated at Franklin Correctional Institution in Florida. We don't have time to search the entire states of Florida and Georgia for him criminal history, but we did find one mugshot from an arrest on a murder charge in 2005.

Tucker claims to have work with and under the guidance of Snoop Dogg. He also claims he is a part of the Black Mafia Family. Hit the link for a brief history of the drug dealing organization.

Let's take a look at the criminal history of Quantize Greer. We found arrests in Charleston and Beaufort counties. He called the Dorchester Terrace neighborhood of North Charleston home a few years ago.

2007 Charges:

PWID Crack - Pled guilty
     Sentenced by Judge Kristi Harrington under the YOA to a term not to exceed six years.
PWID Crack Near a School - Dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor
Resisting Arrest - Dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor

2010 Charges:

Fleeing to Evade Arrest - Pled guilty, sentenced to fine or jail time in municipal court
Possession of Marijuana - Pled guilty, sentenced to fine or jail time in municipal court
Littering - Pled guilty, sentenced to fine or jail time in municipal court

2012 Charges:

Failure to Stop for Blue Lights - pending
Possession of Marijuana 1st (even though it was second) - pending

How about Brandon Singleton? He probably doesn't have much of a criminal history. He is just an innocent young man who studies the Bible and got caught up in all this by accident. Yeah, right.

2001 Charges:

Disturbing Schools - Dismissed by the 14th Circuit Solicitor *Nine Years Later*
Grand Larceny - Dismissed by the 14th Circuit Solicitor *Five Years Later*

Giving the 14th Circuit the benefit of the doubt, those long time spans are probably a data entry glitch.

2002 Charges:

Forgery - Dismissed by the 14th Circuit Solicitor
Crime Against a Federally Insured Financial Institution - Dismissed by the 14th Circuit Solicitor

2004 Charges:

Conspiracy to Commit Kidnapping - Dismissed by the 14th Circuit Solicitor

The disposition indicates a "no bill" from the Grand Jury, yet the case information shows an indictment number. Someone doesn't know what they are doing out there in the 14th Circuit.

We know we have some crappy bond judges in Charleston County, but Beaufort County might be worse.

2008 Charges:

Assault & Battery With Intent to Kill - Pending - $40,000 bond
Possession of a Weapon During a Violent Crime - Pending - $5,000 bond

It's been four years and these charges are still pending???

2010 Charges:

Armed Robbery - Pending - $15,000 bond
Armed Robbery - Pending - $15,000 bond
Conspiracy to Commit Kidnapping - Pending - $15,000 bond
Conspiracy to Commit Kidnapping - Pending - $15,000 bond
Possession of a Weapon During a Violent Crime - Pending - $10,000 bond

2012 Charges:

Possession of Marijuana - Dismissed at Preliminary Hearing

This summary shows Singleton had seven (7) violent charges pending, some for as long as four years. Maybe if the 14th Circuit Solicitor had acted to put this maggot behind bars the other maggot would still be alive.

Thugs and Their Girlfriends

A case out of Greenville County demonstrates the dangers of filing false reports with the police. On 13 August "Sabrina Michelle Smith" reported to deputies she had been raped by "Anthony Lee Lamboy". She then provided a description of the suspect. Deputies located Lamboy and approached him. During that contact in the parking lost deputies conducted a records check and found Lamboy had outstanding warrants from Greenwood County for resisting arrest with a deadly weapon and vandalism. Lamboy has quite the criminal history in Greenville and surrounding counties.

When he was advised he was under arrest Lamboy began acting like the thug he was and fought with deputies. When a deputy tried to deploy his lightning bringer on Lamboy the Taser was knocked from his hand. Lamboy then tried to get Deputy Lackey's firearm. The two fell to the ground while struggling over the weapon. A shot was fired and Deputy Lackey suffered a through and through wound to the thigh. Two other deputies then opened fire and terminated the threat with an infusion of lead.

Anthony Lee Lamboy - Dead Right There.

An investigation into the contact and the shooting revealed Sabrina Smith was NOT sexually assaulted by Lamboy and falsified that report. She was charged with Filing a False Report Involving a Felony.

Smith is a bit upset her lie went public. She doesn't seem to care the false report led to the death of Lamboy. Now that's a cold bitch!

Here are some posts from her Thugbook page. Note how she replaces the letter "b" with a "6". Most regular readers will know this indicates she identifies with a street gang other than the Bloods. You can read more of her postings in the comments section of the linked news story.

And what gang reps the color blue?