Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bye-Bye Belvin!

Belvin Maurice Page is going up the river for a fifteen years. One of our team had some experiences with Belvin back in his burglary days. Suffice it to say Belvin didn't come out on the winning end of things and we will just leave it at that. C'ya!!

Driving the News - Again

Remember our post about the soldier suing NCPD because he acted up and had to ride the lighting? There is nothing new to report about the lawsuit, but another individual mentioned in the article by Natalie Caula has made the news. She tried to use Ronnie Lewis Ware to show the officer in question had a history of complaints. Ware had apparently filed one on the officer in the past.

Well, it seems Ronnie has been arrested and charged with attempted murder for stabbing someone in the chest. Curiously, a search of the archives at the Propaganda and Criminals didn't turn up a story on Ware's latest arrest. While the arrest adds to his already extensive criminal history we have uncovered information that the whole story might not be getting told in the media.

The Ghetto News Network has provided us with some unreported details and there was no lawn mower involved as the media is reporting.

It seems the victim, who some identified as Rickey Hines and others identified by the nickname Terry, is the type of fellow who likes to get drunk then terrorize his neighbors while making drunken threats to assault and/or kill them.

Note: There is a Terence Hines in the Charleston County database, but he is younger than fifty-two years old. Rickey Hines is the correct age.

Rickey apparently got all up in Ronnie's grill early Sunday while they were hanging out at the same Section 8 duplex on Suzanne Drive in the Forest Hills II subdivision. Forest Hills II is located off of Dorchester Road, near Cross County Road in North Charleston. Ronnie managed to defuse the situation and run Rickey off. Later in the day Rickey embarked on another alcohol fueled rampage and started shit with Ronnie again. Ronnie decided he had had enough and commenced to whipping the snot out of Rickey. It was an epic and well deserved beat-down according to all accounts we have been given.

Rickey managed to get away from Ronnie long enough to arm himself with a knife and he advanced on Ronnie again. Ronnie managed to disarm Rickey and take control of the shiv which he then plunged into Rickey's chest.

Rickey departed the scene with his fresh hole and went to another Section 8 apartment on Purcell Drive where he notified the authorities he was innocently asking to borrow a lawn mower and got stabbed as a result. Police found Ronnie shuffling down Suzanne Drive and arrested him. Ronnie can't run due to a previous lead injection which severely damaged one of his legs.

We were informed that police may not have been given the full story because ghetto folks just don't believe in talking to the cops. We were also told someone had picked up the knife and taken it into a residence.

Colleton County Most Wanted

Authorities in Colleton County are searching for Amante Dequan Fryer on an attempted murder charge.

Colleton County Most Wanted

Colleton County wants Randy Grimes on a murder charge. Based on the picture we think it's safe to assume he hasn't been seen in a while.

Colleton County Most Wanted

Colleton County S.O. is also looking for "Phillip Bunton". He claims to be the owner of "Bunton's Garage and Land Clearing" in Walterboro. No number for his business is listed on his Facebook page, which hasn't seen an update since February.

Colleton County Most Wanted

Let's help the authorities in Colleton County get this mope off the streets:

Sword Play

Elias Walker has been charged by Mt. Pleasant authorities with the murder of his father at a flea-bag motel. Elias is said to have killed his father, Anthony Walker, with a sword. Way to change things up, Elias. All that shooting is repetitive and boring.

While reading several news article on this incident we found one which stated there were only two occupants at the shabby motel. When cops asked Elias if his father had any enemies he allegedly stated, "Yeah, everyone in this place hates him." Hmmm.....way to narrow it down for them, Elias.

We didn't find an arrest record under Elias Walker in either Colleton or Charleston counties. Anthony Walker has a LOT of traffic charges and an arrest for a firearm in 2011 from Colleton County. That charge was dropped by the solicitor there.