Saturday, October 20, 2012

Another Stellar Example of Public Schooling

We thought we would feature this little bit of criticism on the front page.

From someone using the name "wimpwe":

U have low self esteem, self worth and hides behind an ugly blog. U pat ur self on the back as u use painstaking details 2 attempt harm and inflict pain on a man and a family. We no who u are. Ur a pathetic loser. Ur r worst then those whom u proclaim trash. It is a thug and a bully that pull trash of the internet and use it as a negative platform to harm or incite others. A deceit person would use the platform to up lift a community. We no u r a thug and u did whats thugs do. we no u r a wimp and a pu$$y and u rite down there with the rest of the scums of the earth. That is one thing I like about the good ole USA, it even allows a thugs like u a platform to spout hate and discontent.

Um....what is it the thugs are so fond of saying? Only God can judge us. So shut up. Bwahahahahaha!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Tewonna Loshay Sallie

Tewonna Sallie is the habitual traffic offender arrested the other day by Charleston County deputies after an extensive chase that reached very high speeds and endangered multitudes of innocent motoring citizens. The local news outlets have engaged in a bit of random journalism and reported her criminal history so we won't rehash that here.

It should be noted that Charleston Police Department initiated the first attempt at a traffic stop on Sallie. What is known by all self-respecting thugs - and may not be known by the average citizen - is that the administration over there at CPD does not allow their officers to chase criminals.

Jurisdictions surrounding the City of Charleston are accustomed to hearing whiny calls from CPD asking them to stop a vehicle because it drove away from the helpless CPD officer attempting to stop it. We took the time to speak to officers from other jurisdictions and were advised CPD line officers, in general, hate this policy. In fact, many a surreptitious chase has occurred which ended up in Mt. Pleasant or North Charleston after the suspect vehicle was abandoned or crashed and the CPD officers attempted to slink away so they wouldn't get in trouble for doing actual police work and chasing down criminals.

This isn't a new policy at CPD. Long-time Lowcountry residents will remember an incident many years ago in which Ronald Burris stole a vehicle from a dealership in Charleston and attempted to commit suicide by cop. According to news reports at the time, he tried to ram a CPD officer parked in the median on I-526 in order to initiate a pursuit. The officer simply moved out of the way and let him go. Once he got into North Charleston NCPD and CCSO chased him down and shot him all to hell.

Unfortunately for Sallie and other thugs, after gleefully escaping from CPD officers with minimal effort they learned the hard lesson that neighboring jurisdictions will, in fact, chase their thug asses until the wheels fall off and put them in jail.

Message to thugs: You can run riot in the city limits of Charleston, but don't cross those boundaries and expect to escape as easily.

Citizens without scanners will be interested to know there were at least four vehicle pursuits in the whole of Charleston County on Wednesday.

More Meth Mopes

Police in Greenville popped a meth lab, arresting four and taking seven children into protective custody. What is the world coming to? Remember when it was rare to hear about meth in South Carolina and the cooking process was the sole domain of outlaw motorcycle gangs?

Click on the captions for Thugbook pages.

Greg Lea Johnson

Alicia Deas

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Alleged Home Invasion

Let us begin by saying the average citizen shouldn't be concerned about the "home invasions" you hear about in the news. There are actually very few real home invasions. The stories you read and hear about are nothing more than thugs robbing and shooting thugs.

Take the Wednesday home invasion on Hunters Ridge Lane, off of Ashley Phosphate Road in North Charleston. The person who was shot in the leg was Tywann Diondrey Nelson. He claimed he was just visiting a friend's home when he answered a knock at the door at one in the morning. Nelson said two young black men were at the door. They forced their way in and shot him in the thigh as he fled up the stairs.

2007 Charges:

Unlawful Carrying of a Pistol - Dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor

2008 Charges:

Unlawful Carrying of a Pistol - Pled guilty before Judge Deadra Jefferson, sentenced to one year, suspended in favor of one year of probation.

2009 Charges:

Fraudulent Check - Pled guilty before Judge Roger Young, sentenced to one year suspended in favor of five years of probation.

VCL over $1000 - Dismissed at preliminary hearing. We aren't sure what this charge is, but suspect it is a property crime.

2010 Charges:

Assault & Battery 2nd Degree - Pled guilty before Judge Roger Young, sentenced to one year suspended in favor of one year of probation.

Assault & Battery 3rd Degree - No disposition

2012 Charge:

Possession of a Stolen Vehicle - dismissed at preliminary hearing

Probation violation.

Just another innocent victim.

There was another home invasion at about the same time this past Monday. Carmen Velasquez Perez was shot in the foot. Perez described the suspects as a black male and a white male.

Was Perez an innocent victim? Well, some would consider those who break our immigration laws and work and reside here illegally to be innocent. We don't. Many thugs think the illegal immigrants still hoard large amounts of cash. That hasn't been the case since the Bank of America (Bank of South of America is more apropos) started letting illegal aliens open checking, savings and credit accounts a few years ago.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Secret Service Working Overtime? & EBT Update

We earnestly tried to avoid politics in the early days of the blog. Unfortunately, the thug issue is directly tied to the politics in this country today. You may have noticed most of our thugs list their political affiliation on their Thugbook pages as "Democrat Party" or "Obama". When the segment of society we are exposing is so heavily invested in the politics of taking your money for their gain, there is no way we can avoid it.

So, is the Secret Service working overtime with the all the thug threats to kill Mitt Romney? We doubt it.

Just for giggles we searched WhoTalking for "kill Romney". These turned up in the top results:

Then we searched "kill Obama". Interestingly enough, we didn't find any threats to actually kill him. What we did find was a bunch of idiots who seem to think the vandal who shot out a window at an Obama campaign office in Denver was trying to kill the President - who happened to be in completely different state at the time. Typical Obama voter intellects hard at work there. We also found the typical desire of a race war expressed by one of the "low minority" people who are so fond of Obama.

On the EBT front, you will be glad to know that the urban clothing stores known as Citi Trends now accepts EBT cards.

More EBT stuff:

We thought this was a great joke. They say the best humor is grounded in truth.

Let's Find Him

CPD and NCPD are looking for maggot below. He robbed a CVS in West Ashley and attempted to rob one in North Charleston. Someone out there knows him. Since Charleston Thug Life has a wider readership than most local print media outlets we thought it might be useful to put him up and see how quickly he gets arrested.

If you know who he is, you know what to do.