Friday, November 9, 2012

Keep 'Em Coming, Quez

You already know "Quez Brown" is an idiot. Here is more proof. You folks might want to call NCPD and see when they are going to step up and take this maggot down. This photo just went up a few minutes ago.

Hire the Best or Settle for Black

The dog piss catcher of record, the Propaganda and Criminals, is at it yet again, giving voice to their handlers at the National Association Advocating for Criminal People. Now WCSC news and Robert Ford have jumped on the race-baiting bandwagon.

This trumped up ruckus was generated over the hiring of Eddie Driggers as the new police chief at NCPD. Ford and the National Association Against Caucasian People try to make it look like they want the city to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars searching the nation for the "best" candidate.

"The good ole boy system is still in place, we can see that," said North Charleston NAACP President Ed Bryant."

Then Robert Ford reveals the truth.

"Ford said he considers Summey a longtime personal friend, but he suggested that the city should create an affirmative-action policy to address the perception that people are hired through a “buddy-buddy” system."

And there you have it. They claim they want the best candidate then reveal the best candidate is not nearly good enough unless the candidate is black. And all these folks who claim to despise racism want a hiring process that is based on race.

Robert Ford is too stupid to realize the city already has an affirmative action policy. Thanks to federal government mandates, every facet of life in America is covered by this ill-advised policy and every business has to hire less qualified people based on skin color to avoid interference from the feds.
“It’s his choice to make, but you can’t do that anymore,” Ford said. “Not in 2012, not in a major city.”
Ford tells us we can't hire the best in 2012. We have to hire based on race. This guy has been a moron since his days selling used cars. Robert Ford is an idiot who only wins re-election because his district was drawn around a majority black population. We are all aware of the evidence which shows most blacks don't vote issues or for the best candidate. They vote race, plain and simple. Yet here they are basically calling Summey a racist for not hiring a chief based on skin color.
"North Charleston NAACP President Ed Bryant earlier publicly suggested “it was time” for the city to hire a black police chief, perhaps Deputy Chief Reggie Burgess."
We received a lot of email after our first post on this subject telling us Deputy Chief Burgess is indeed a pretty good guy and is well liked by many in the department. Others expressed concern about his limited time in law enforcement compared to Eddie Driggers and his relatively speedy rise through the ranks. A few emails, one from a person who alleges to be relatively highly placed in the department, pointed to a couple of incidents, well known among the rank and file, which bring into question his decision making capabilities. We can't verify whether the events portrayed in those emails are true so we won't address the issues here. If the events related are accurate they would definitely invite questions in the areas of moral fiber, character and decision making. It would also make sense if the incidents are so widely known within the department, they are also known in the executive offices.

One of our members related an incident in which he met Deputy Chief Burgess and was rather impressed with him. The team member attended a meeting at city hall back when the department was engaged in trying to rehabilitate drug dealers from the Charleston Farms area. During that meeting, Burgess read the thugs the riot act, telling them the "victim" status they claimed as a result of being black was, basically, bullshit. He informed them they weren't being held down by whitey, but instead were being held down by their own ignorance.

In truth, this entire issue has nothing to do with Deputy Chief Burgess. We are pretty sure he didn't ask the National Association of Antagonistic Colored People to go to bat for him. More likely than not, he just happens to be a conveniently placed black man in the department hierarchy whom Robert Ford and the usual race baiters can latch on to and hold forth as a pariah. Just another victim of whitey's "good ol' boy" system. We are willing to bet if you ask him, Burgess would simply prefer to do his job to the best of his ability and not have his name used and abused by those racists trying to stir up controversy where none exists.

Another comment from Bryant:

"He also noted the lack of diversity among six firefighters and a police officer, all white men, who were introduced to City Council as new hires Thursday."

Bryant should examine his own community or read the pages of Charleston Thug Life. We are pretty sure he knows that the dearth of good black candidates are due to a variety of factors such as the view in the black community that a well educated black man is said to be acting white. The affinity for the thug life is also an impediment to finding and hiring black officers. We are pretty sure Bryant and Ford wouldn't mind if the city went on a minority hiring binge like Houston and New Orleans did a number of years ago. They lowered standards and waived criminal histories in order to hire more black candidates due to interference by the federal government. What did that get them? Corrupt police departments staffed by those with criminal histories and tendencies and many officers with ties to street gangs. Worked out pretty well for them, didn't it? NOPD is now known as the most corrupt police department in the nation.

The citizens of North Charleston should be happy the Mayor chose a well-qualified candidate and didn't have to spend a pant-load of taxpayer money to do it.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

They Never Learn

Our favorite gun-toting juvenile thug is back at it. "Quez Brown is showing off his new squeeze and another handgun. And he lashes out at us. Awww.

Isn't it ironic he's worried about rats when he's so busy snitching on himself?

Do People Still Buy That Rag?

So, the City of North Charleston has chosen a fine, upstanding retired Chief Deputy from CCSO as their new Chief. What does the Propaganda and Criminals do? That group of "journalists", who are apparently having some issues putting down their white guilt, run to their racist friends at the National Association Advocating for Criminal People and get a comment about how Mayor Summey failed to consult them before making the decision. We suppose they are upset the city didn't just appoint a black chief or engage in an affirmative action search for one.

We checked with some members of NCPD and found there is a black deputy chief at NCPD, but he really isn't qualified to run a department that size and doesn't have anywhere near the law enforcement experience Driggers has. He will someday, but for now the Mayor has made the best decision in the interest of his city and police department.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Goodbye America

Prior to yesterday we were well on our way to becoming just like one of those socialist European countries. You know, the ones who are all bankrupt now as a result of fostering dependence on government over personal responsibility. Last night we found out the majority of citizens in the United States want to get their "free" food, "free" living expenses and "free" health care from the government. Demographics have indeed changed in this country.

We watched the returns and we spent the time with pen and paper. Each of us figured out just how much the last four years have cost us. When you factor in the rising cost of food, gas, electricity and health insurance, necessities for those who believe in personal responsibility, we have each lost over $10,000 a year. Factor in the added cost of doing business and the increased taxes stolen from us to cover all the "free" stuff the government is giving away, and the total approaches $12,000 - $15,000.

And the idiots in Berkeley and Dorchester counties voted to increase their own taxes on top of everything else. Must be a lot of people from Ohio living in those two counties.

Immediately after the re-election of Barack Obama was announced the dollar dropped in value yet again. And the government continues to print money which is not backed up by anything other than the "word" of an administration who has put us 16 trillion in debt. For those of you who don't keep up with monetary policy, that means the cost of everything you buy will go up. With the shut-down of the oil and natural gas industry and the attack on the coal industry you will soon see your utility bills "necessarily skyrocket", in the words of your President. Everything you buy that is transported by any fuel powered vehicle will also increase. That means necessities like food and medicine will increase in price even more.

Based on this we all made a few decisions last night. We will, of course, continue to look out for our own families first. The two business expansions we were planning have been scrapped. We cannot, in good conscience, work our asses off to support a class of people whose idea of being successful is living off the proceeds of the labor of others. In addition to that, we will no longer contribute our usual donations of cash or our time to charity. If the citizens of this country want the government to be their provider, we won't ignore their wishes. Homeless? Call the government. Hungry? Call the government. Natural disaster? Depend on the government. And so it goes.

Sure, we didn't have the riots many expected as a result of an Obama loss. Unfortunately, we foresee riots in the not to distant future like those you see in Greece and Spain. Watch what happens when the government can no longer take enough money from the working class, and the constant printing of unsecured currency cheapens the value of the dollar to almost zero. The government will no longer have the wherewithal to put money on those EBT cards or send out to the checks to landlords to pay for subsidized housing.

Goodbye America. It was nice knowing you.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Darrell Lee Goss - 00305517 - Lieber Correctional

"Darrell Goss", an inmate at Lieber Correctional Institution, continues to post to his Thugbook account from behind bars via an illegal cell phone. Regular readers will remember our first feature on Goss.

Driving the News

It's nice to see the folks over at the Propaganda and Criminals using our research to flesh out their story on the stabbing at the Coastal Carolina Fair. Of course, there was no mention of where they obtained their information. But that's alright. We all know.

God Forgives, We Don't

Back in May we did a Dead Right There feature on Antonio Jackson of Sumter. He was killed during a home invasion by suspects who were apparently after the cash and cocaine stored there. There was so much cash in the house authorities had to take it to a bank to obtain an accurate count using automated counting machines.

On Monday a user with the name of Marquita Belin left the following comment on the story.

"Excuse u Antonio happened to be a very good person at heart, and also a very good father of 4 children so I would never say he deserved to die who does(one of his fellow thugs did the citizens of Sumter quite a favor by dispatching him)? I don't think that this issue is really something that should be mocked,this was a terrible event which took place in a lot of folks lives. Instead of going on and on about his criminal record which really makes no sense to talk about now because he's gone, do some research and help find his murderer since you're so good at doing research. Never look down on a person because of their lifestyle because no matter what we are all still god's children. R.I.P. ANTONIO DIXON WE ALL MISS YOU DEARLY!!!!!!!!"

In what has become an all too familiar meme we have someone affiliated with the thug telling us what a good person and great father he was. Marquita contends Antonio was a child of god. Based on his criminal record we tend to believe he was more like the spawn of Satan and a plague on his community.

We replied with:

"Until you folks stop excusing the criminal behavior among your young, you will continue to attend funeral after funeral."

Marquita responded this morning.

"I understand that but thats not what I was addressing,the matter at hand right now is that you're speaking of an issue that has absolutely nothing to do with you, don't use him as your example. What is this solving anyway? Not the crime like I said before do your research and assist Sumter County Sheriff's office in solving his case, since you got so much pull to look up records. It seems to me that you all make a bigger deal out of a deceased individual who has made mistakes in his past, than the murderers out here running free. Like the person above said may god be with you and that he forgives you all. Another thing (Certain members of society only want the truth put out when the crime happens to them or its their family) the truth was put out because according to this blog it was already a known fact what he has done in his past, and victims of what he has never killed anyone......"

First of all, crime within our communities affects EVERY resident of the city, county and state. Who do you think had to pay for all of those police officers to investigate Antonio? All of "storage" fees while he was locked up? All of the solicitors to prosecute those cases? What about the innocent residents of the neighborhoods made unsafe by folks like Antonio with their running and gunning and selling of narcotics? 

Marquita, it is not our stated goal to solve crime. That is the purview of the police. Our goal is to expose the thugs and the prosecutors and judges who continually unleash them to prey upon society.

Antonio made mistakes in his past? That is an understatement. Notice how Marquita glosses over the fact that substantial quantities of cash and cocaine were found in Antonio's residence. Hmmmm...maybe the home invaders left that stuff there. We think it is safe to say Antonio's present was just like his past.

Marquita, we don't need the forgiveness of God. You should probably direct that request to benefit Antonio.

The rest of Marquita's comment makes absolutely no sense. Notice how she tries to justify Antonio's continued criminal behavior with "he never killed anyone". Nice. No amount of squirming or twisting of the facts will change the obvious truth that Antonio was a thug. He died a thug's death - at the hands of another thug.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Isaiah "Savage" Wittrell

"Isaiah Wittrell", aka Savage, of 1424-A Orange Grove Road, was charged by CPD with a home invasion which occurred last Thursday.

We didn't find an adult criminal history for Wittrell. He is a "Junior", however, and Isiah Wittrell, Sr. has a VERY extensive criminal history. Like father, like son.

Keith Elliot Rhue - Dead Right There

Keith Elliot Rhue, of 85 Peppertree Lane in the Pepperidge subdivision, who held up a check cashing store and led North Charleston Police Officers on a vehicle chase in September of 2011 was found Dead Right There in a cell at the Al Cannon Detention Center. He allegedly suffered a seizure and died after transporting to a hospital, thereby saving the taxpayers of Charleston County a bit of money.

Keith Elliot Rhue

2011 Charges:

Failure to Stop for Blue Lights - pending - $25,000 bond
Armed Robbery - pending - No bond listed
1st Degree Assault & Battery - Dismissed at preliminary hearing by Judge Gosnell
1st Degree Assault & Battery - Pending - No bond listed

2012 Charges:

3rd Degree Assault & Battery - Guilty - sentence 10 days time served

This must have involved an assault on another inmate at the jail.

And let's not forget the victim of the car crash resulting from his crime.

Coastal Carolina Fair

It seems the stabbing "victim" at the Coastal Carolina Fair has been identified as David Jackson. We know him as "Swerve Wire Boy Jackson" on Thugbook. He counts many of the gun-toting, drug dealing thugs featured in our pages as friends.

He has no adult arrests in Charleston we could find, but given his choice of friends we are pretty sure it won't be long.

Just a few of his friends.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ban the Fair

We think all fairs should be banned. Heck, you can't go to one without getting caught up in a ghetto brawl. Either ban them or set up a screening process at the gate to bar entry to the ghetto thugs.

Fights and stabbing at the Charleston County Fair? We have been told it by very reliable sources the perpetrators were black thugs. Probably some we have profiled here.

Shooting in Savannah at the Coastal Empire Fairgrounds? Victims with names like DeShawn, Keonna, Diqwanie, Keyona and Tamika tells us all we need to know about that incident. Did someone really name their kid Diqwanie? Sheesh.


It seems "Quez Brown" just can't refrain from putting photos of his firearms on Thugbook.  Quez says he misses this gun, which he originally posted back on 22 July and let everyone know he wanted $450 for it. Maybe he sold it, maybe he didn't.

Quez is the dumb-ass on the right. Seems to us there should be some enterprising school resource officer or SLED regulatory agent who might want to talk to Quez about all of these firearms he is flashing.

Quez's good buddy "Domonique Lul Scoop Morris" let him know his last photo earned him an appearance on CTL. Morris also whined about being linked to Quez. If you haven't read those posts about Horizon Village you might want to take a few minutes to check HERE and HERE. You can also read this post where Morris worries that being featured on CTL will hamper his attempts to pull the wool over eyes of judges and juries on pending charges.

Maybe some citizens would like to send copies of the photos from those pages to the judges in Charleston County and the 9th Circuit Solicitor's Office.

Quez and Domonique are also linked to another gun-toting, self-proclaimed "trapper" named "Tyrone Ponder". You can read about him and Domonique HERE.

More Mouth Breathers Pontificating

For you reading pleasure.

Bye, bitch.

Hey, dumb-ass - it was your Democrat party that fought the Civil Rights Bill and wanted to maintain segregation. Democrats - the party of keepin' a brutha down!

Get a grip, puss.

Says the Muslim who hates the U.S. even today. Head on back to your 5th century existence and shut the f*** up before we send a drone after you.

Start packing.

Their way of trying to avoid the Secret Service inquiries - "clapping" = "capping".

Great move! Enjoy.

Hmm.....almost terrifying enough to make us hope for an Obama win. Almost.

Been to Jamaica. It sucks (except for the secured tourist areas). Just ask Johnny Cash and a Supreme Court justice.

He's dead. Feel free to join him.

Go right ahead. Many of us are well armed.

Why wait?

 Hahahaha! If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black.

Good luck with that.

We are. Don't you worry your moronic little brain.

You wouldn't be missed.

Once again we ask - why wait?

Head on out. Those French socialists hand out all kinds of welfare.

Can we watch? Do it live on the internet.

Make sure someone posts pics.

Good luck with that.

And there's a problem with that?

Try working for it for a change. It tastes even better when you have earned it.

Sweet. One less dumb-ass breeding.

And the threats to kill Romney continue.

They sure do have "free" health insurance. Make a run for the border.

The depth of the ignorance and the shrill bleating of the stupid can be quite taxing.

As we stated above, Sammy and BigChase, bring it on.

What is "hard" about being expected to be responsible for your own well being?

Another thug threatening a candidate.

She even changed her Twitter handle to Kill Romney.