Saturday, December 1, 2012

Khalid Headgone Lul Marlo

"Khalid Headgone Lul Marlo" apparently went to jail yesterday after a court appearance. We noticed cries to "free Lul Marlo" and decided to investigate further. We aren't sure what he went to jail for since his date of birth of 6 August, 1996 indicates he is sixteen and his arrest won't show up on the Charleston County Clerk search site. Marlos claims the Macon in North Charleston as his turf.

Give a big CTL welcome to Marlo and his friends.

This interesting note indicates Marlo has an issue with Mook.

Knowing the street like we do, this post tells us that someone may have been shooting at Mook and Lefty around November 26th. Anyone recall any news stories about bullets flying over there last week? CPD might find this information helpful. Mook and Lefty belong to a crew calling themselves Young Gunnaz.

Awww.....he's going to tamp down his criminal tendencies for his momma. Isn't that nice of him?

Uh-oh. Trouble ahead for the goons.

Remember our previous post on the "Young Goons"? Just like every other thug profiled here they claim to be a rap group and/or entertainment company and try to use it as a cover for their criminal activities.

It would seem that as the court hearing progressed Marlo discovered his dawgs aren't his dawgs after all and immediately resorted to threats of violence and retaliation. We are sure the police will take note.

This post and the subsequent exchange make us wonder if this hearing on the 27th was related to the stabbing at the Coastal Carolina Fair. Marlos seems to have a beef with "Liljack Neil Darippa", aka Alonzo Brown, Jr. Remember when he was shot earlier this year on Ashley Phosphate Road? Remember our post back in July where we revealed the Young Goons had beat on Liljack at a club called The Titanic? Isn't it interesting how all of this comes together?

Current addresses on some of those thugs profiled in these pages? We got that.

We can only hope he makes history soon.

Jail ain't nothing but a big daycare! And people wonder why incarceration is no deterrent to these morons.

And the cries to free their criminal friend begin.

We are sure the rest of you will be overjoyed to know Emmanuel Rogers has been release from jail. You can find him in this post we did about the Lawrence family.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

When Is a Victim Not a True Victim? *Updated*

Herbert Louis Frasier III is the fellow whom Terrance "Lumpy" McNeil robbed and shot before he caught a bullet fired by Frasier. We wonder why Terrance would have though "Herb Frasier" had anything worth taking.

*Update* - Frasier claims to be a rapper, but after listening to this two and half minutes of absolute shit we are pretty sure he's not making money from his rap "career".

Frasier has a number of arrests in Charleston County. We will just run through the general sessions court arrests.

2010 charges:

PWID Marijuana - Dropped to Simple Possession by the 9th Circuit Solicitor. Fined $50.00

PWID Marijuana Near a School - Dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor.

2011 Charges:

Failure to Stop for Blue Light - Pled guilty before Judge Thomas Hughston - sentenced to one year, suspended in favor of two years of probation.

Possession of Crack - Dropped to possession of controlled substance by the 9th Circuit Solicitor. Fined $50.00.

He has a number of other magistrate level offenses in the database.

Anyone else starting to get a clearer picture of what really went on out there on Gordon Street?

Terrance Kendall McNeil, Jr.

Terrance McNeil, Jr., or 1432 Bexley Street, was charged with armed robbery, attempted murder and possession of a weapon by NCPD. It seems Terrance and another thug, as yet unidentified, tried to rob a fellow sitting in his car on Gordon Street in the Brentwood/Dorchester Waylyn neighborhood of North Charleston. The victim was shot in the wrist and Terrance and his thug buddy ran off while firing shots. Apparently the victim had his own firearm and sent a few of his own rounds downrange. Terrance was hit in the neck and ear.

Terrance "Lumpy" McNeil

We were monitoring Thugbook and Twitter and suspected he was the unnamed individual who was shot and arrived at a hospital shortly after the attack based on entries like these:

A soldier. Hahahahaha! Seems to be a common, and ridiculous, ghetto theme.

There are plenty of other posts like these. Some even seem to make threats to the person who every so thoughtfully tried to end Terrance. Here are some from a female denizen of Waylyn.

Lashay Grant apparently has problems of her own.

Terrance McNeil is also known as "Whalyn Bhoy Lul T". He was just released from jail back in August. He stated on his Thugbook page he was going to lay low after his release, but we happen to know he didn't. It seems he's been blasting away with his firearm and fleeing from the police on a regular basis over the last few months.

Terrance informed us he is a "real ass nigga" when he posted this shot in which he throws up his goofy gang signs and wears his pants in the manner made fashionable in prisons across America and designed to let the other inmates know the wearer was ready to take a high hard one up the ass. 

Funny thing is, he looks just as stupid in this photo as he does in the one above where he is all "swole up".

This was posted right before he got locked up the last time.

Terrance just turned seventeen so his criminal history up to now is kept under wraps by the authorities.

Here he is talking about the stabbing of David Jackson at the Coastal Carolina Fair. He doesn't like "Swerve Wire Boy Jackson".

Maybe someone will bring posts like this one to the attention of the 9th Circuit Solicitor and she won't be so inclined to offer him a sweet deal.