Friday, December 7, 2012

A Glimpse Into a Charleston County Classroom

We were just aimlessly surfing through Thugbook when we found this video taken in a classroom at West Ashley Middle School on September 17th. First up is the screenshot showing the title of the video and the date.


Is it any wonder Charleston County Schools consistently receive horrible ratings? Ever wonder whether that is the fault of the teachers or the fault of the idiot mouth-breathers they are tasked with babysitting? We believe this video shows it is the fault of both. Of course, if that white teacher had attempted to put down this thug rebellion we are pretty sure he would have been labeled a racist and possibly fired by CCSD. After he was assaulted by one or more thugs, that is.

Here are some images from the page of the "kid" who filmed this episode, "Monteyd Projectboi Murray", aka Demontae Murray. He claims "eastside" and "Young Goonz".

Born in 1998. Based on his comments on other Thugbook pages he has been locked up at least once already.

A Reunion of Sorts

Close examination of the video we posted about yesterday will show appearances by some of our featured thugs. See if you can find:

"Domenic Cocaine Cowboy Hartwell"

"Terrance Kendall McNeil, Jr."

"Alonzo Brown, aka LilJack Darippa"

Hartwell must have noticed his profile here on CTL.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mook vs. Khalid Jackson

Remember our last post about "Khalid Headgone Lul Marlo"? Turns out his real name is "Khalid Jackson". A little birdie downtown tells us Khalid is now doing time for charges related to that .40 he is so fond of waving around on Thugbook and in residential neighborhoods.

Someone noticed our efforts. And, yes, we are working on it.

We also pointed out the apparent feud between Khalid and some fellow referred to as "Mook". There are a lot of Mooks in Charleston, but we found the right one. He goes by "Madden Block Mook" on Thugbook.

If you can tolerate it, here is a video he posted to YouTube. It starts out with Mook and Khalid on the phone and progresses to some almost unintelligible (c)rap threats to terminate Khalid's existence and waving of guns to a pathetic and miserable beat.

The "Noogie" referred to in the video is Derell Green who is doing forty years for murder.