Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sevren Dasean Godbolt - 00341489 - Ridgeland Correctional

When we came across convicted armed robber "Sevren Godbolt" we thought for sure we'd have to do some research to figure out who he was. Sevren Godbolt is his actual name. Did his parents get that from a Harry Potter book? He is locked up in Ridgeland Correctional, but he opened his Thugbook account on 7 December, 2012 so he could keep up with what his gang-banging buddies from Florence County are doing in their prison cells.

Daunte Bruce - 00330214 - Lee Correctional

Yet another Lee CI inmate. This time it's a convicted murderer doing thirty year who goes by the Thugbook name"Dt Empirestateofmind Bruce". His real name is Daunte Bruce and he shot another thug who disrespected him back in October of 2009.

In interesting side note is that Daunte is the nephew of  Roger Bruce who killed his cracka girlfriend and stuffed her body in the trunk of a car two days after Daunte shot his victim. He is doing his life sentence at Broad River.

Now, back to Daunte.


Antonio Melton - 01785366 - Lee Correctional

Do you think we can safely say 95 percent of the inmates at Lee Correctional have a cell phone? This one goes by the name "Antonio Flucoedaboss Melton". This idiot's real name is Antonio Bernard Melton. He is doing seventeen years at Lee Correctional on a variety of charges, including the execution style shooting of a Domino's Pizza delivery driver. Melton is a confessed and convicted member of the Insane Gangster Disciples out of Florence County.

There's that "growth and development" thing again.

Want to read some gangsta wisdom? Probably not, but we posted it anyway.


 Man, those evil crackers made Antonio join a gang. They made him kidnap, carjack, rob and try to kill a pizza delivery guy for that $20.00 in his pocket. Damn crackaz!!!! That's why niggas be spazzing on white folks. Real nigga shit, right there.

2023, Antonio. That's when the gates will open. Hopefully by then the walls won't just be closing in. We hope they fall in and crush your punk prison bitch ass.

As the mother of a gangsta, Cherersa Brown knew her boy wouldn't be a man until he was sucking poles in prison. Isn't it nice she's proud of him? He only just missed being a murderer. Too bad that delivery driver lived. If that cracker had died Antonio would be a real real nigga.

Haha! Eat shit, Antonio. Roll over and buck up you freakin' pillow biter.

Interesting. All of his post conviction relief motions were dismissed so he files a writ of habeus corpus. And he actually thinks it's going to get him out of prison. What a dumbass!

We really don't want to send him any traffic, but SCDC might be interested to know Melton is (c)rapping into his phone and wiping the fecal matter on the wall of YouTube. Listen at your own risk. The stout of heart and "and all those crackers hoping he kills himself so they don't have to do it" can click HERE.

Friday, January 4, 2013

De'Quincy Howard - 01923592 - Lee Correctional

Lee Correctional inmate De'Quincy Howard was charged with the same string of armed robberies as Shakeem James, profiled below. It's convenient they are incarcerated in the same facility, but they still stay in touch via their contraband cell phones and Thugbook. Howard uses the name "Qg De'Quincy Howard" for his.

Yeah, that's right you shit stupid moron. "They" are holding you back. Has nothing whatsoever to do with your domestic terrorism spree robbing people at gunpoint, does it.

Too bad one of those victims didn't cap you at sixteen.

We'll see if it still seems like yesterday in 2025. hahahaha!

Shakeem Laquan James - 01923590 - Lee Correctional

"Keem G Bos James" is another gang member incarcerated at Lee Correctional. His real name is Shakeem Laquan James and he is doing thirteen years for an armed robbery spree in Florence County in 2010. He affiliates himself with the Rolling 60's gang. We wonder what his victims would think about him being allowed to have a cell phone, internet access and a Thugbook account.


So, according to the Propaganda and Criminals, Thomasina Hartwell-Goss is upset some thugs shoved a firecracker down the pants of her son. You may remember Thomasina from a profile we did on her a few months ago. She is the matriarch of the Goss clan of criminals and drug dealers. "Domenic Cocainecowboy Hartwell" is yet another of her offspring. Yes, we have profiled him, too. You can read it HERE.

Thomasina can't wait to get out of the Waylyn neighborhood because her sons are now reaping what they have sown for all those years. She wants to move into YOUR neighborhood and bring the criminal enterprise she calls 'family' with her. Isn't that nice?

Here are some of the quotes Andrew Knapp had to clean up for publication. And the photo of the firearm he didn't tell you about.

Hey, you want to run around committing acts of domestic terrorism in your neighborhood you probably shouldn't bitch when the same gets done to you.

EDIT: Who else finds her pleas for "help" from the police just a tad deceitful considering how many times we have read "fuck da police" from members of her family? Sure, let the cops ID the "bomb" crew so the Goss family can take them down. Smart move there - no one really minds thugs killing thugs.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Staying Busy

As you can see, we started 2013 with a vengeance. Twenty-three posts since the 1st of the year. We have been hitting it hard for the past day or two because we have some family and friends time planned this weekend and wanted to give you plenty to read and talk about while we were otherwise occupied. There are at least five additional profiles completed and scheduled to auto-post throughout the weekend, so keep checking back.

Kendrick Taylor - 01775885 - Lee Correctional

We have profiled Ashley Shores murderer Kendrick Taylor on a number of occasions. He is still in possession of a cell phone and is posting regular updates to his Thugbook page, "Trillfolklile Taylor", while he serves his life sentence behind the bars of Lee Correctional Institution.

This one went out just a little while ago. All you white people AND the government owe those real niggas something. They deserve to shit on the government and the taxpayers, so don't criticize them.

Taylor spends a lot of time responding to posts on his wall from others.

How many of you would volunteer to spend a weekend tearing that facility apart to help SCDC clear out all the contraband?