Sunday, January 13, 2013

CCSO Hard At Work

We recently reported Deangelo Green had been arrested by CCSO on armed robbery, burglary, kidnapping and weapon possession charges. While checking out recent arrests we found another one with the same charges, the same arresting officer, also from Johns Island. We call that a "clue" which puts the two together at the scene of the crime.

Anthony Zerron Heyward, Jr., of 1552 Traywick Avenue, Johns Island, was arrested on the same charges which suggest a home invasion style robbery. He is currently in jail with a total bond of $300,000. You can find his Thugbook page under "Anthony Heyward". There isn't a lot there, just some minor thuggy type pictures while wearing a RIP t-shirt. It turns out Heyward is a serial robber, though.

 Charleston Police Department arrested Heyward in April of 2011 and charged him with armed robbery and weapon possession for an incident at Cypress Cove Apartments. He was released in July on a $50,000 bond and placed on 24 hour house arrest. You can see how effective that was.

Maybe if the 9th Circuit Solicitor could be troubled to get off her ass and move forward with Heyward's first case, we wouldn't have to worry about him making bond again and committing additional violent crimes. Enough said.

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  1. Right. Read the fine print. It clearly says: 24 Hour House arrest except lawyer, medical, work, school.

    He's a thug, not a thespian. He robs people for a living - see? What do you expect him to do when you give him permission to go to work? Sheesh!

    Seriously, armed robbery is a very nasty crime. This person is not nice and belongs in jail, away from people trying to earn a living. Whatever the judge has been smoking, maybe she ought to quit.