Friday, January 11, 2013

Massachusetts Two Step

Some folks living on Copley Circle in the Wescott subdivision of North Charleston were busted with narcotics. One or two of them seem to be charged in a double murder which took place on 29 December in Brockton, Massachusetts.

According to the FoxNews Boston piece linked above, the two victims were talking to Anthony Rivera when they were killed. The article doesn't specify whether it was face to face or on the telephone. Rivera's woman, recently separated from her husband, is Crystal Jean Mergenthaler. We checked out her Thugbook page and found photos of her kids celebrating an early Christmas on 21 December. Sounds like they had an early holiday here in South Carolina and headed up to Massachusetts to engage in some killing. Mergenthaler was charged by NCPD with drug possession. She was released on a $30,000 bond then put up an interesting, yet confusing, status update:

Acquitted? Quick trial.

The third suspect is Guerry Hickman. Mugshots of him and Rivera are below, followed by some random stuff from Mergenthaler's Thugbook page.

Guerry Hickman

Anthony "King of Shitty Tattoos" Rivera

Mergenthaler claims to be an Air Force veteran who now works for Boeing. We wonder if she installs the windshields

Rivera and his girlfriends.

Is that Carrot Top or Crystal Jean?

If the hat fits......

Anthony Rivera in his Batman jammies.

Mergenthaler and Hickman are charged with drug offenses in Dorchester County. Curiously, we can't find any similar charges for Rivera.


  1. Alas, another POS fixin to try and bullshit their way through the justice system.

  2. Her ex husband Dave m. Seemed to be pretty devastated that she left him, his FB posts from June & July relay that. Sadly, he was hit by a taxicab in pinellas fl on or around December 1st, 2012, he did not survive.