Saturday, January 12, 2013

Who In Their Right Mind.....

.....would leave a vending machine out in the open at any "educational" facility administered by the Charleston County School District.

In this video you have "Dyshawn Alexander", aka Bay Boy Day Day, openly stealing from a machine in the halls of a local school. We could chalk it up to high school hijinks except for the fact Alexander tells us in a subsequent post he is already on probation for some other offense he has committed.

Here is the video of Dyshawn "doing the bay thing" and stealing.


A reunion in the court office!

Dyshawn apparently has some homoerotic thing going on with "Smash DA Young Goon", aka Devontey Bryant. Before society began to crumble school boys would write the names of their female crushes on their hands. Now they scrawl the names of their incarcerated bj buddies.

Oh look! Dyshawn got a letter from his boyfriend. Devontey tells his butt-buddy incarceration isn't as rough as they say and the food is pretty good. Even though he's getting fat, Devontey says "a nigga stressing" and can't wait to get back to the hood.

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