Friday, March 22, 2013

Who Are You?

That was the subject line of a message we received a few days ago from the news director of WCSC News, James Warner.  "Who are you?"

We have answered that question numerous times in these pages. Maybe it is time to do it again.

We are a group of average citizens who grew tired of watching the media soft-peddle the violent crime occurring in the Lowcountry. The final straw for us was when the news media failed in their due diligence and their obligation to the facts and tried to paint a thug who was shot by police as a choirboy. With minimal effort we were able to produce evidence to the contrary and could not fathom why the 'investigative reporters' couldn't do the same. We publicized that evidence until the media had no choice but to pick it up and report it.

As we continued to investigate we discovered a thug culture in our communities and in our schools involving gangs, guns and drugs. None of which was being reported. Having already met our goal of forcing the media to recognize and report the truth about the "choirboy" we decided there was a story which needed to be told to our fellow citizens. We decided we had to go beyond the selective reporting by the media and their failure to follow up and follow through on the stories they did choose to report.

While conducting our research and following up on stories we stumbled upon yet another problematic aspect of the gangs, guns and drugs story. We found bond judges, circuit court judges and solicitors who failed to take the problem seriously. We discovered these elected and appointed officials were contributing to the problem by not following through with prosecution, setting ridiculously low bonds and continually sentencing repeat drug and violent offenders to probation rather than giving them stiff prison sentences.

Our primary mission of exposing thugs was quickly eclipsed by the mission of exposing this ineptitude, or as some have said, incompetence, in our judicial system. Shining a harsh light on those failures may change things. When those officials appointed by the people to look after the interests of the people fail to do their jobs we end up with the situation we now have in the Lowcountry.

Drug dealers and violent offenders are running amok in our communities. They may fear law enforcement action, but they have absolutely no fear of our prosecutors and judges. And for good reason. Many have been through the system time after time and know they stand very little chance of doing any real prison time.

That is who we are, Mr. Warner. As far as your request for us to contact you for a story on Charleston Thug Life, consider this that contact. Feel free to email your list of questions to us. We will answer them thoughtfully and in-depth right here on the blog. That is the only way to ensure our point of view is presented accurately to the citizens with no edits. Based on our past experience with the local media we have our suspicions about how any 'news report' about Charleston Thug Life would turn out.

Who are you? Perhaps a more appropriate question would have been, "Would any of you like a job as an investigative reporter?" Lord knows the local media is in desperate need of a few.


  1. Who are you? In my book, you're part of the solution. That's all I need to know. Besides, if I actually knew who y'all were, I'd have to buy y'all a beer.

  2. Kudos, CTL. I watch the news and read the newspaper...and then I come here to get the real story. I can only imagine that the local news stations/papers are seething with jealousy because they don't have the balls to report the whole truth. (Although I have noticed of late that several of them have adopted a modified style that mimics what is found here.)

  3. It will be interesting to see what, if any, response you get.

  4. When the P & C had the anonymous comment section we would get threatened by family members and friends of thugs that didn't like our discussions of their criminal lifestyle. If CTL's contributors were revealed, their lives and their families would be in severe jeopardy. Mr. Warner has to know this.

  5. If CTL's contributors were revealed there would likely be a sudden decrease in the local thug population and smoking piles of brass in the streets.

  6. No, no, no!! Guns are bad!! As soon as they are declared illegal we will empty the gun safes, turn them into chicken coops and hand over our extensive collections of arms to the local authorities. Just like any decent, law abiding citizen would do.

    Yeah, right! hehehehehehehe!

    As the thugs like to say, "bang, bang".

    1. Omg I just laughed my but off... "Bang bang!!!"

  7. You know, this could be an interesting way to bait the local hoodlums into a trap. Reveal an identity that tracks back to some island in the marsh with one way in and out, bottle them up and resolve the problems.

  8. Who are you? That's your business. Your response to Mr. Warner is fair, and I hope he takes you up on the offer to submit written questions.

    What you are doing is effective and useful and a service to the many good people of the Charleston area. Please keep it up, we do appreciate it.

    I have a suggestion, also: Your research clearly shows that the prosecutors and judges are the weak link in our local criminal justice chain. When the timing for specific actions from we the people are needed to replace these weak links (local elections, pending appointments) please make sure to point that out to your readers.

  9. You don't have to publish this if you don't want to because its not really pertinent to this story, but I just wanted to share this link with you. Seems some other folks are finally getting around to using CTL's methods in order to get the bad guys.

  10. CTL, Thank you for exposing these people they call citizens. Please keep up the great work!

  11. Ya know, I was just thinking about what if the reporters are scared to do honest reporting because their names will always be attached to what they write/report. Think of all the threats y'all have gotten.. Just a thought...