Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mario Archield

We are running a bit behind. Back in March someone shot a fellow at Cosmopolitan and Echo Avenue in the Union Heights neighborhood of North Charleston. Apparently the shooter watched that Harve Jacobs story about avoiding an attempted murder charge if they shot their foe in the ass or in the leg.

NCPD recently charged Mario Archield, of 2075 Arbutus Avenue, with the shooting. Mario belongs to a well known family of criminals and drug dealers in North Charleston and the house at 2075 Arbutus has been a magnet for violence.

In December of 2003 police responded there for a home invasion in which at least two suspects forced entry into the residence and beat a number of occupants in a search for drugs and cash. Lamont Archield was beaten to death. Another eighteen year old thug and a 78 year old woman were also badly beaten. Mario was in the home in the house at the time of the home invasion, but fled like a little bitch rather than defend his family. Frederick Archield blamed police for the death of Lamont, claiming they were slow to arrive and let Lamont die. Of course, he failed to mention to reporters just what those home invaders were looking for in that ugly green house.

Two weeks later Mario apparently tried to exact revenge against someone when he fired shots at two men in a car on Beech Avenue. We will get into his criminal history in a few.

We don't have the time to do a full arrest analysis on Frederick and the deceased Lamont, but we did capture a summary of each of their criminal histories in Charleston county.

Now on to Mario's history.

2001 Charges:

Mario would have been seventeen when he was charged with 2nd Degree CSC With a Minor 11 to 14 years of age. The charges were dismissed at the request of the "victim's" mother because the sex was consensual.

Strange. We though an 11 to 14 year old couldn't legally consent. Our bad. 

2004 Charges:

This the charge for shooting into the vehicle which was mentioned above.

Assault & Battery With Intent to Kill - Dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor.

2006 Charges:

Grand Larceny Motor Vehicle - Dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor.
Assault & Battery of a High & Aggravated Nature - Dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor.
Armed Robbery - Dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor.

2007 Charges:

2nd Degree Burglary - Dismissed at preliminary hearing.

2010 Charges:

2nd Degree Burglary - allowed to plead guilty to reduced charge of 3rd Degree Burglary by the 9th Circuit Solicitor in October of 2011. Sentenced by Judge Thomas "Felon's Friend" Hughston to three years, suspended to seven DAYS and two years of probation.

We have been told this burglary charge may have been related to a burglary of the community center in Union Heights.

Three counts of B&E Vehicle - Two were dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor. Pled guilty to the other. Same sentence as above - concurrent.

2nd Offense Possession of Marijuana - Allowed to plead guilty to the lesser offense of 1st Offense Possession by the 9th Circuit Solicitor. Sentenced to seven days.

That Scarlett Wilson sure drives a hard bargain, doesn't she? Man! She is way harsh!!!!

2011 Charges:

1st Degree Burglary - Dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor.
Criminal Domestic Violence of a High & Aggravated Nature - Dismissed by the 9th Circuit Solicitor.

Mario's latest charges got him a total of $600,000 in bonds.

Possession of a Weapon During a Violent Crime - $100,000.
Attempted Murder - $500,000.

We probably should be so hard on Scarlett Wilson. After all, the police officers probably screwed up all those cases she HAD to dismiss.

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  1. Aww...It's okay. I'm sure he's pissed off so many of his home boyz that he'll attain DRT status soon. They have a way of doing that.