Friday, June 28, 2013

Calling 'Em Out!

We know we haven't posted in a while, but it is our busy time of year. We had to take a moment to stop and call out Kelly Golden of 94.3, WSC Radio.

She spent a good portion of the morning talking about race. She kept pointing out how the mouth-breather who has been testifying in the Zimmerman trial used the word "cracker" a number of times. Golden was called out by a gentleman for using the word repeatedly. Her defense? We need to use it to teach our children.

Which leads us to ask - Why don't you use the word "nigger" or, as used in the ghetto vernacular "nigga" when discussing racial slurs on air? Can you answer that without further contradicting your own position, Kelly? Why is one racial slur acceptable for use on your program, but the other is not?

Kelly then instructed the white high school student who tweeted a rap lyric with the word "nigga" to go ahead and write that 500 word apology letter demanded by the useless, ineffective and comical CCSD. How about this Kelly - when every high school student we have featured in these pages writes their letters (probably not in cursive) apologizing for using the word "nigga" in their tweets and on their Thugbook pages, we will encourage that young lady to do the same. Until then, she has taken the correct stance on the matter.


  1. Kelly Golden is about as useful as tits on a boar, I had to stop listening to her because she annoys the hell out of me. Oh, and she rarely if ever made a valid point about anything.

  2. I used to listen to Kelly, but she drives me insane. Now just the sound of her voice makes my skin crawl. She is a waste of air time and probably costing the station loss in ratings.

  3. Kelly's voice makes my skin crawl. She is annoying and her topics she talks about bother me because she tries coming off as some hard core advocate about whatever she is babbling about. I used to like 94.3 but now I stay away until Rush comes on. He at least makes me laugh.