Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cowboy Up

It seems the press is now aware of the "Cowboy" gang in Walterboro. Too bad it took another murder, this time involving a woman celebrating her birthday, for them to get interested. We profiled some of the "Get Money Cowbois" back in April of 2012. Others have been arrested since then for a variety of violent offenses, but it doesn't pay to mention gangs in the "news". It wouldn't be good for the image of the Charleston area. The only reason the "media" went with this one is they believe Walterboro and St. George are far enough away it won't hurt the downtown tourist trade to mention it.

You can find the "Get Moneyy Cowbois" Thugbook page HERE.

Here's one known as "Kblacka" wearing the same type of bandanna used to disguise the shooters at the club. He's a rapper. Of course he is.


  1. As usual, CTL was way ahead on calling that one.

  2. Every time I read something in the local media that I read long ago on CTL, I wonder what took them so dang long. Do they not do the research? Are they afraid to reveal the truth? Or has it just taken them this long to catch on to this site and use it to help write their articles?

  3. The Propaganda & Criminals is especially bad about using our research and not attributing the proper credit.

    Local talk radio puts out some of the information we feature, but at least the word is getting out. Those hosts normally don't mind letting the listeners know where they got the information.