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Tyheem Henry - 00350553 - Lee Correctional

Let us introduce you to Tyheem Henry. He is serving a fifteen year sentence at Lee Correctional Institution for Assault & Battery of a High & Aggravated Nature out of Richland County. He is concurrently serving a five year sentence for Criminal Conspiracy. The Fifth Circuit Solicitor dismissed an Armed Robbery charge stemming from the incident. Henry is a well known Gangster Disciple/Folk gang member from the "Riverside" area of Columbia. Note the crown tattoo. He also goes by the names Tieem Brian Henry and Tieem Jauqua Henry.

You might notice we used the words "well known" above. Let us qualify that. If you are from the Columbia, SC area Henry is well known. Thanks to a media blackout regarding his crime many in the state, and most throughout the country, have no idea who he is.

Henry's crime involved the beating (nearly to death) of a young white student named Carter Strange in the Five Points area of Columbia, on 20 June, 2011. The beating was perpetrated by the then 18 year old Tyheem Henry and seven of his fellow black juvenile gang members, who stole the victim's cell phone. Correction - three or four of those gang members allegedly stood across the street watching and cheering the beating. The gang members left the victim for dead. Carter wasn't found until two hours after the beating. He was beaten so badly his own mother didn't recognize him lying on a gurney.

Even when a news report did manage to leak out there was never any mention of the gang affiliation of this group of racist black thugs. As usual, the headlines read "Teens Sought in Assault" and the media tried like hell to avoid the race descriptor when describing the attackers. As usual, the police refused to even consider the possibility the crime was race related.

Here is a photo of Henry pretending to be remorseful while listening to the father of Carter Strange give a victim impact statement in court.

So, you might be asking, "Why is Charleston Thug Life suddenly running a story on Henry now that he is locked away behind bars? Isn't this case old news?" Well, let us tell you why.

You can find Henry on Thugbook under the name "Tieem Davis". Henry has been in police custody since 24 June, 2011. He was received by the prison system on 19 April, 2012. He started posting to his Thugbook page from behind bars on 16 September, 2012 and has been going pretty much non-stop since. Let's take a look at some of his postings, oldest to newest.

A couple of posts talking about his gangster credo.

In this post Henry seems to be somewhat contrite and accepting of punishment for his actions.

Awww...his hands hurt from having to type on his illegal cell phone. That sounds like cruel and unusual punishment.

In this one Henry expresses dissatisfaction with the fact he is locked up and someone who snitched on him for beating Carter Strange is running around free. That little bit of seeming contrition didn't last long, did it? Notice his comment about ratting on "G family", as if anyone needed any confirmation that attack on Carter Strange was gang related. But, if you did, there it is.

If anyone is wondering why these thugs continually make reference to "BOS" it means "Brothers of the Struggle" in the Gangster Disciple world.

Henry says he's a mommas boy, but he's also a certified head buster. Actually, he is nothing more than a coward who needs a bunch of other cowards with him to take on one person and steal a cell phone.

Henry seems to be finding out that gangsta credo of looking out for those who are in jail is nothing but bullshit.

Henry is even getting new ink in prison. All the luxuries of home and he doesn't have to worry about any of the bills. You, the citizens, are doing that for him while he's inside the walls and for his family on the outside.

Henry is feeling stress. Yeah, we know, that's too bad.

Back to whining about the co-defendants who snitched on him for nearly killing Carter Strange. Henry names a couple of his co-defendant snitches, which is more than the media ever did.

Just in case you folks at Lee Correctional were looking for the fellow doing all the illegal tattooing, Henry decided to help you out. You can find the tattoo guy's Thugbook page under the name "Terk McKnight". His real name is Al John McKnight, serving 41 years for a murder in Florence county. If it helps, his inmate number is 00241960. More on him in another post.

He loves the gang life!

Henry identifies himself in this post, as if we really needed it.

Henry lets us know he will murder (murk) anyone who talks bad about his neighborhood in Columbia.

Weed in prison? Who would have expected that?!?!?!?!

Daddy Bear laid in his bed? Isn't a "bear" parlance for a big, fat, hairy gay dude? Is Henry making a tacit admission here that he is someone's prison bitch?

More weed? They must be growing it in prison nowadays.

At least he can use his cell phone to record his music while he's locked up.

There you have it, folks. The perpetrator of one of the most notorious race related crimes in the state in recent years and a known, documented and self-admitted gang member has unfettered access to cell phones, the internet, Thugbook, marijuana and tattoos while he is in the "care" of SCDC. We are pretty sure the new director, Bryan Stirling, will be happy that Henry's fifteen year sentence isn't all about punishment.

Note: We attempted to contact the Carter Strange family to give them advance notice of this information, but our attempts, and those of citizens trying to help, were unsuccessful. We had hoped to mitigate things and make them aware in the event they started getting media contacts in reference to this.

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  1. wow, wishing the hardworking people of the world actually caught a break, I am not feeling it to be smoking weed and getting tats, however, how do they get money for the weed and phones with internet access? How pathetic that the family of his victim will hear of this and they need to know.