Saturday, January 12, 2013

Another Admirer of CTL

Remember Jerrod Dais from our post a couple of weeks ago? He is now a big fan of Charleston Thug Life.

Jerrod doesn't like the police, though.

He don't give a fuck - that's why he's so spun up about it. Hehehe.

And here are some from his Twitter account. We didn't feel like posting all of his drug dealing comments about how much weight he has for sale, but feel free to head on over and check it out yourself.

Who In Their Right Mind.....

.....would leave a vending machine out in the open at any "educational" facility administered by the Charleston County School District.

In this video you have "Dyshawn Alexander", aka Bay Boy Day Day, openly stealing from a machine in the halls of a local school. We could chalk it up to high school hijinks except for the fact Alexander tells us in a subsequent post he is already on probation for some other offense he has committed.

Here is the video of Dyshawn "doing the bay thing" and stealing.


A reunion in the court office!

Dyshawn apparently has some homoerotic thing going on with "Smash DA Young Goon", aka Devontey Bryant. Before society began to crumble school boys would write the names of their female crushes on their hands. Now they scrawl the names of their incarcerated bj buddies.

Oh look! Dyshawn got a letter from his boyfriend. Devontey tells his butt-buddy incarceration isn't as rough as they say and the food is pretty good. Even though he's getting fat, Devontey says "a nigga stressing" and can't wait to get back to the hood.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Open Up the Borders

A review of recent arrests in Charleston County shows us CCSO has arrested two illegal aliens on rape charges. Juan Francisco Leon-Perez and Elias Ezequiel Leon-Mendoza, both of 2607 Elk Avenue in the Midland Park area of North Charleston, have each been charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct With a Minor Under 16 and Offender Has Previous Record. Leon-Perez has two of these charges. They were also charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor Under 16.

Leon-Perez has a total bond of $150,000. Leon-Mendoza has a total bond of $100,000.

Nice to know we don't have enough child molesters in this county that we feel the need to import them.

Robbery Arrest

CCSO has arrested "De'angelo Green", of 4015 Prosperity Road in Johns Island, on charges of Armed Robbery, Possession of a Weapon During a Violent Crime, Burglary and Kidnapping. Sounds like home invasion scenario to us. Green has one or two minor magistrate level offenses in his past, but nothing major. His Thugbook page is nothing like we have come to expect from all the others we have profiled here. Here is the worst of it:

We aren't sure about the details of his crime, but maybe the local media will pick up on this and run with it - like they did when we broke the news of a police chase two weeks ago.

Green's total bond amount for all four offenses was set at $350,000 by Judge Lombard.

Massachusetts Two Step

Some folks living on Copley Circle in the Wescott subdivision of North Charleston were busted with narcotics. One or two of them seem to be charged in a double murder which took place on 29 December in Brockton, Massachusetts.

According to the FoxNews Boston piece linked above, the two victims were talking to Anthony Rivera when they were killed. The article doesn't specify whether it was face to face or on the telephone. Rivera's woman, recently separated from her husband, is Crystal Jean Mergenthaler. We checked out her Thugbook page and found photos of her kids celebrating an early Christmas on 21 December. Sounds like they had an early holiday here in South Carolina and headed up to Massachusetts to engage in some killing. Mergenthaler was charged by NCPD with drug possession. She was released on a $30,000 bond then put up an interesting, yet confusing, status update:

Acquitted? Quick trial.

The third suspect is Guerry Hickman. Mugshots of him and Rivera are below, followed by some random stuff from Mergenthaler's Thugbook page.

Guerry Hickman

Anthony "King of Shitty Tattoos" Rivera

Mergenthaler claims to be an Air Force veteran who now works for Boeing. We wonder if she installs the windshields

Rivera and his girlfriends.

Is that Carrot Top or Crystal Jean?

If the hat fits......

Anthony Rivera in his Batman jammies.

Mergenthaler and Hickman are charged with drug offenses in Dorchester County. Curiously, we can't find any similar charges for Rivera.

Thugocracy Perpetuated

We found an interesting comment on the newest page of Devin Middleton. You can find our profiles on him, HERE, HERE, and HERE. The latest update to his Thugbook page is listed under "Lildevinten Toestaliban".

The comment we are talking about exemplifies the problems within the black community. Read it and let is soak in. It is really too bad the National Association Advocating for Criminal People doesn't try to take action on this type of stuff.

This is what decades of social engineering and welfare programs have given you, folks. Their role models are murderers instead of hard working men who bust their ass to support their families.

Who wants to bet you will only hear the sound of crickets from the NAACP?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Reginald Bruce Taylor, Jr.

It seems the window cleaning rag of record in Charleston - The Propaganda & Criminals - is attempting to follow the lead of Charleston Thug Life. Unfortunately, they have no real balls over there. In the latest piece about the bond hearing for child abuser Reginald Taylor, reporter Andrew Knapp mentions Taylor's Thugbook page and states there are pictures of him holding cash. That's it. Just holding cash.

Taylor caused permanent injuries to a two year old child by holding him in scalding water. Let's take a look at the Thugbook page of "Reggie Taylor" and see what Andrew Knapp either failed to mention or (giving Andrew the benefit of the doubt) his editors pussed out on letting him report.

Over at WCSC's site, someone named Kendra tells everyone Reggie Taylor comes "from a family that preys". Indeed. Very apropos, Kendra.

Taylor claims the Westside and Strawberry Lane Boys. Love the "god bless me & my kides" statement. Way to go Charleston County School District. You learnt him good!!!

Reggie showing us his IQ.

Hmmm.....based on the photos of his "kides" we are starting to think maybe that two year old was holding out on Reggie. If the kid was stashing drugs or money maybe Reggie thought a little scalding was in order to teach him a lesson.

Gangsta Christmas! Nice.

Nice body armor, Reggie. Local police take note - shoot him in the balls or in the head to maximize effectiveness.

Some more photos of the kids with gang signs, wads of cash and a firearm. Reggie sure is raising the next generation of domestic terrorists right, isn't he?

Maybe the kid screwed up flashing the gang sign and Reggie couldn't handle the perceived disrespect and shoved the kid into scalding water as punishment.

Reggie doing the gangsta ghetto squat at a relatives funeral. Nice.

Taylor was charged with narcotics offenses in 2004 and 2008. The 9th Circuit Solicitor dismissed all four of them. Good move, huh? Especially in light of what we see on his Thugbook page.

We did some research prior to running with this post. There are very distinct patterns which result from intentional scalding cases. Based on what the doctors and the police have been credited with saying in the media reports, we believe Taylor is right where he needs to be - in jail with a $250,000 bond.

Oh, you know it had to start sooner or later: